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Cody Crow

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1995 Agua Mansa Road
Riverside, CA 92509


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Skanska USA Civil West
is seeking qualified DBEs

Project Name

Trampas Canyon Dam and Reservoir Project

Bid/Contract #


Awarding Agency

Santa Margarita Water District

Project Location

San Juan Capistrano, Orange County County, CA

Bid Date

08/15/2017 at 02:00

Project Details

Skanska, an equal opportunity employer, is interested in soliciting in Good Faith all subcontractors as well as EPA accepted certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE). EPA DBE accepted certification information can be found at: https://www.epa.gov/resources-small-businesses/getting-epa-disadvantaged-business-enterprises-certified. All interested subcontractors, please indicate all lower tier participation offered on your quote as it will be evaluated with your price. Please call if we can assist you in obtaining bonding, lines of credit, insurance, necessary equipment, materials and/or supplies. Skanska will also review breaking out scope packages and adjusting schedules to help permit maximum participation.
Please submit Scope Sheets 3 days prior to bid to allow for proper evaluation.
Please see General & Special Conditions for Required Insurance Minimums/Add’l Insured Requirements.

Quotes requested from Subcontractors, Suppliers and Service Providers include, but are not limited to:
Demolition, Salvage, & Protection; Excavation Dewatering & Groundwater Level Control; Clearing, Grubbing, & Stripping; Excavation & Foundation Treatment; Borrow; Trench & Structure Excavation & Backfill; Dam Embankment Construction; Cement-Bentonite Cutoff Wall; Piezometer & Well Decommissioning; Drilled Foundation Anchors; Tunnel Contact Grouting; Tunnel Geotechnical Instrumentation Monitoring; Installation of Carrier Pipe in Tunnel; Microtunneling; Hydroseeding; Spillway Subdrainage System; Reinforced Concrete Pipe; Dam Internal Drainage Piping; Hot Mix Asphalt Paving; Soil Nail Walls; Mechanically Stabilized Earth Retaining Walls; Fences & Gates; Concrete Formwork; Waterstops; Concrete Reinforcement; Cast-in-Place Concrete; Shotcrete; Precast Concrete Vaults; Precast Concrete Manholes & Bases; Grout; Mortar & Masonry Grout; Concrete Unit Masonry; Glass Unit Masonry; Bolts, Washers, & Anchors; Miscellaneous Structural Steel; Prefabricated Steel Trusses; Metal Roof Decking; Ladders; Grating, Manhole Covers & Frames, & Access Hatches; Steel Pipe; FRP Grating; Water Repellents; Building Insulation; Built-Up Bituminous Roofing; Sheet Metal Roofing; Sheet Metal Flashing & Trim; Joint Sealants; Expansion Control; Steel Doors, Frames & Hardware; Overhead Coiling Doors; Louvers; Painting & Coating; Fusion-Bonded Epoxy Linings & Coatings; Polyurethane Lining & Coating for Pipelines; Fire Extinguishers, Cabinets, & Accessories; Continuously Submerged Steel Butterfly Valves; Free Discharge Plunger Valve; Continuously Submerged Pneumatic Actuators; High Specification Butterfly Valve; Cylindrical Fish Screens; Rotary Screw Air Compressors; Auxiliary Equipment for Compressors; Reservoir Aeration System Equipment; Multi-Parameter Water Quality Sonde; Fabricated Aluminum Boat; Fabricated Storage Garage; Fabricated Boat Dock; Manual Valves; Pressure Testing of Piping; Air Release & Vacuum Relief Valves; Wall Pipes, Seep Rings, & Penetrations; Pipe Hangers & Supports; Equipment, Piping, Duct, & Valve Identification; Leakage & Infiltration Testing; Disinfection of Piping; Steel Piping; Fabricated Steel Specials; Installation of Buried Steel Pipe; Stainless Steel Pneumatic Lines; Exhaust Fans; Testing, Adjusting & Balancing; Electric/Electronic HVAC Controls; Grounding & Bonding; Hangers & Supports; Electrical Identification; 600 Volt or Less Wires & Cables; Conduits; Wire Connections; Low Voltage Motors; Dry Type Transformers; Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors; Electrical System Studies; Switchboards; Low Voltage Molded Case Circuit Breakers; Motor Starters; Lighting; Occupancy Sensors; Field Electrical Acceptance Tests; Basic Measurement & Control Instrumentation; Dam Instrumentation; Automated Data Acquisition System; Level Field Instruments; Control Systems, Panels, Enclosures, & Components; PLC Based Control System; Camera & Security Syst;

Non-DBE firms: you will be expected to carry a proportionate percentage of 2nd tier DBE participation with your quote. 2nd tier participation will be evaluated with your proposal.

Skanska Estimating Dept: 1995 Agua Mansa Rd, Riverside, CA 92509 – Ph: (951) 684-5360, Fax: (951) 788-2449
Lead Estimator: Cody Crow Email: bids.socal@skanska.com

Plans and Specifications are available for view at our main office in Riverside or for free download through registering in Skanska’s plan room at: URL: bit.ly/bidskanska Documents can be accessed by joining the project & either creating a new account or signing in on your firms existing account.

Subcontracting Requirements: Subcontractor must provide insurance coverage as required by the Prime contract, or Skanska minimum - whichever is greatest. Please take note of Insurance flow down requirements as stated in the Bid & Contract Documents, Article 38. Endorsements & waivers required are the Additional Insured End., Primary Wording End., & a Waiver of Subrogation (GL & WC). Other insurance requirements may be necessary per scope. Subcontractors may be required to furnish performance & payment bonds in the full amount of their subcontract by an admitted surety & subject to approval by Skanska. Skanska will reimburse bond premium up to 1%. Quotations must be valid for the same duration as specified by the Owner for contract award. Conditions or exceptions in Subcontractor’s quote are expressly rejected unless accepted in writing. Skanska is signatory to the Operating Engineers, Laborers, Cement Masons, & Carpenters Unions. Subcontractors must provide weekly, one original and one copy of all certified payrolls, including non-performance & fringe benefit statements if required by law or by the Prime Contract. Compliance with SB854 – Include your CCL & PW Numbers on your bid.

This contractor and subcontractor(s) shall abide by the requirements of 41 CFR 60-300.5(a) and 60-741.5(a). These regulations prohibit discrimination against qualified individuals on the basis of protected veteran status or disability, and require affirmative action by covered prime contractors and subcontractors to employ and advance in employment qualified protected veterans and individuals with disabilities.

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