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Maggiora & Ghilotti Inc.
is seeking qualified DBEs

Project Name

West Bay Trail Project

Bid/Contract #

Contract No. 63001F; Federal Project Number CML 5117(015)

Awarding Agency

City of Hercules

Project Location

Hercules, Contra Costa County, CA

Bid Date

08/21/2017 at 02:00

Project Details

Maggiora & Ghilotti, Inc. is requesting quotes from all qualified subcontractors, suppliers and/or truckers including DBE Businesses for the following, but not limited to, items of work: Prepare SWPPP; Temporary Erosion Control Silt Fence, Wattles, DI’s; Survey; Clearing and Grubbing; CAS; Traffic Control; Hydroseed; CL2 AB and AC; HMA Quality Control and Testing; Concrete; CL Fence; Directional Drilling; HDPE Storm Drain Pipe; Tide Gates; Decomposed granite; Precast Drain Structures; PVC Area Drains; and Trucking of excavation and materials.

Plans, specifications, and other project information is available at www.blueprintexpress.com/hercules or by calling BPXpress Reprographics at (510) 559-8299. They can also be viewed at our office in San Rafael; and at local Building Exchanges.
Maggiora & Ghilotti is an equal opportunity employer and will consider all bids and is willing to break down items, as reasonably possible, into economically feasible units to facilitate DBE participation.
Maggiora & Ghilotti, Inc. is a union signatory company. Performance and payment bonds may be required. Maggiora & Ghilotti will pay for bond premium up to 1.5%. Subcontractors must be registered with DIR and have a current contractor’s license, insurance and worker’s compensation coverage meeting project requirements. Contact us if you are interested in bidding on this work, or with any questions regarding project requirements, scope of work, or if you need assistance in obtaining bonds, line of credit, and/or insurance for this project.
Contact: Kevin Bechtel @ 415-459-8640 or email kevin@maggiora-ghilotti.com

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