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Outreach Coordinator

Jim Novak

Contact Information

1000 Trade Drive, PO Box 80001
RDU Airport, NC 27623


(919) 840-2100


(919) 840-0175

Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority
is seeking qualified MWSBs

Project Name

Taxiway F Rehabilitation

Bid/Contract #

RDU Project 080769

Awarding Agency

Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority

Project Location

RDU, Wake County, NC

Bid Date

10/16/2017 at 12:00

Project Details

The scope of work involves full-depth concrete reconstruction of Taxiway F, divided into two sections. The North portion of the project spans Taxiways B7 to B9 and includes Taxiway B9. The South portion stretches from Taxiway E to Taxiway T5 and includes the paved area between Taxiway B and F from Taxiway B1 to Taxiway T2. Adjustments to some of the taxiway connectors also include pavement removal on Taxiways A3 and A4. The project includes construction of new taxiway shoulders, subsurface drainage improvements, and new pavement markings within the project limits. Electrical work will include installation of centerline light cans and conduit, rehabilitation or replacement of taxiway edge lights and circuitry associated with new paved shoulders and fillet revisions, and taxiway sign evaluation and replacement.

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