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Welcome to DBE Journal, formerly Outreach Impact.

Outreach Coordinator

Cassie Masters

Project Estimator

Bud Finnemore

Contact Information

100 Marcus Blvd. Suite1
Hauppauge, NY 11788


(631) 447-3100


(631) 447-3851

Elecnor Hawkeye LLC
is seeking qualified MBEs, WBEs

Project Name

NYPA SG&T Communication Backbone PS-1 OPGW Replacement Project

Bid/Contract #


Awarding Agency

New York power Authority

Project Location

Plattsburgh, Clinton County, NY

Bid Date

01/19/2018 at 5:00

Project Details

We are seeking quotes for:

- Matting and Access Subs
- Helicopter Vendors
- Fiber splicing and testing

Furnish all plant supervision, labor, materials and equipment (except for services, materials, and/or equipment to be furnished by others as specifically referred to in the Contract Documents), and performing all operations required for the replacement of one of the existing 3/8"EHS 7 Strands shield wire (on East Side) with single mode 48 fiber Optical Ground Wire (OPGW), on New York Power Authority's (the "Authority") 115kV PS-1 transmission line for approximately 8.5 miles Plattsburgh, NY to Saranac, NY (PS-1).

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