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Bradley Rigg

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Disney Construction, Inc.
is seeking qualified DBEs, SBEss

Project Name

Non-Potable Storage Facility

Bid/Contract #

CIP Project No. 592-59198

Awarding Agency

City of Brentwood Public Works

Project Location

City of Brentwood, Contra Costa County, CA

Bid Date

04/17/2018 at 02:00

Project Details

Clear & Grub, Removals & Demo (E) Structures & Utilities, AC & PCC Sawcutting, Earthwork & Excavation, Removal of Pavement, Abandon (E) Utilities including Storm Drains, Abandon/Remove (E) Hydropnuentic Tank, Modification to (E) Structures, Piping & Equipment, CIP Concrete, Concrete Crack & Surface Repair, Hydraulic Structure Testing, Masonry Block Walls, Structural Steel & Roof Deck, Misc. Metals, Thermal & Moisture Protection, Metal Doors & Frames & Hardware, Painting & Coating, HVAC, Electrical & Lighting, Cathodic Protection, Dewatering, Aggr. Base Materials, Flowable Fill, Site Water Utilities, Pre-Stressed Concrete Tank, Vehicle Barriers, Mechanical & Instrumentation/Controls, Line Shaft Vertical Turbine Pumps & Submersible Mixer, Sheeting, Shoring & Bracing, Pump Station, SWPPP & Construction Site Monitoring, Hot Mix Asphalt, AC Dikes, Ready Mix Concrete, Bar Reinforcing Steel, Trucking, Steel Water Line Piping & Fittings, Ductile Iron Pipe & Fittings.

Plans & Specs are available at City of Brentwood Web Site, or at many local bid rooms, or by contacting Disney at (650) 259-9545. Please contact us if you need assistance with the following: (a) Contacting bonding and/or insurance companies, (b) Arranging with sureties incremental or phased bonding for DBEs, (c) Paying for the cost of the bond insurance, (d) Waving bonding or insurance requirements, (e) Referrals to Business Development Centers for obtaining bonding, insurance, or lines of credit.
100% performance and payment bonds with a surety company subject to approval of Disney Construction, Inc. are required of subcontractors for this project. Disney Construction, Inc. will pay bond premium up to 1.5%. Subcontractor must possess a valid contractor's license, current insurance, worker's compensation meeting Disney Construction's requirement and be registered under Public Works Contractors Registration Law [SB 854]. Subcontractors will be required to abide by terms and conditions of the AGC Master Labor Agreements and to execute an agreement utilizing the latest DCI Subcontract incorporating prime contract terms and conditions, including payment provisions. Disney Construction is signatory to the Laborers, Carpenters, and Operator Engineers. Disney Construction, Inc.'s listing of a subcontractor is not to be construed as an acceptance of all the subcontractor's conditions or exceptions included with the subcontractor's price quote. We will make efforts to assist interested DBE Businesses in obtaining specifications and plans, technical assistance, bonding, lines of credit, insurance, equipment, materials, or related services/supplies. We are willing to break out any portion of work to encourage participation. Please call if you need assistance.

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