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James W. Fowler Co.
is seeking qualified DBEss

Project Name

V-1 West Vista Way Sewer Phase 1

Bid/Contract #

C.I.P. No. 8077

Awarding Agency

City of Vista

Project Location

Vista, San Diego County County, CA

Bid Date

10/11/2018 at 02:00

Project Details

The Work generally consists of furnishing and installing approximately 1,178 LF of 8-inch PVC Sewer Pipe, 604 LF of 10-inch PVC Sewer Pipe, 717 LF of 12-inch PVC Sewer Pipe,1,800 LF of 15-inch PVC Sewer Pipe. Approximately 675 LF of 15-inch sewer will involve trenchless installation in a steel casing. Work also includes reconnection of all sewerlaterals, new concrete manholes, bypass pumping, traffic control, restoring pavements, demolition of existing sewers, and all associated work as indicated in the Contract Documents.

Subcontractor and supplier opportunities are available but not limited to the following categories of work:

-Traffic Control
-Concrete Supply
-Grouting/Annular Space Grout
-Cathodic Protection
-Fill & Backfill
-Asphalt Paving
-Aggregate Supply
-Pavement Marking/Striping
-CCTV (for sewer)
-Management & Disposal of Contaminated Soil

James W. Fowler Co. is an equal opportunity employer and we are requesting qualified subcontractor and supplier bids from all interested firms, including disadvantaged, minority, women, and other business enterprises. Where economically feasible, we are willing to divide total contract requirements into smaller portions or quantities to permit maximum participation by M/W/DBE firms. Please contact us to discuss opportunities available.

James W. Fowler Co. will assist M/W/DBE subcontractors in obtaining necessary equipment, supplies, or materials. We are also available to provide assistance in obtaining bonding, lines of credit and/or insurance to M/W/DBE subcontractors. Please complete all negotiations 24-hours prior to bid opening. We also encourage the utilization of apprentices for this project.

Bid documents can be obtained from the City of Vista, CA or from James W. Fowler Co. by clicking on the link below. The plans and specs are available at no cost on the James W. Fowler Co. website at www.jwfowler.com. For more information, please contact James W. Fowler Co. at (503) 623-5373. Quotes may be faxed to (503) 623-9117 or emailed to estimating@jwfowler.com.

Please follow the link below for plans/specifications/addenda/EPA Form 6100-3:


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