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Glen Newton

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M.B. Kahn Construction Company
is seeking qualified DBEs, MBEs, WBEs, DVBEs, SBEss

Project Name

Southwestern Community College Health Science Building

Bid/Contract #

SCI ID # 16-16363-01 EDA#04-01-07277

Awarding Agency

Southwestern Community College

Project Location

Sylva, Jackson County, NC

Bid Date

11/13/2018 at 10:00

Project Details

M.B. Kahn Construction Company, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and requests interested MBE/HUB firms to participate in this bid process. The owner has set a goal of 10% participation by MBEHUB firms in the total value of the work. Interested MBEHUB firms are encouraged to contact us to discuss their participation in this project.

Bid Documents are available for purchase at LDI Greenville, SC (864.288.7700), Copy Spot Greenville, SC (864.233-2646). Documents can also be viewed at online plan rooms of the ISFT, and McGraw Hill Dodge Corporation. A direct link to the documents is : https://mbkahn.sharefile.com/d-s84e5e8e59394b1earnrnThe successful subcontractor will be expected to enter into M.B. Kahn's Subcontract Agreement, comply with the insurance requirements and if required furnish a performance and payment bond. Form of subcontract and performance and payment bond may be reviewed at M.B. Kahn's website www.mbkahn.com .

This is a solicitation for a bid, quote, or other proposal. It is not an advertisement for any property, goods, or services that M.B. Kahn Construction Company, Inc. makes available or any offer to sell any of the same. M.B. Kahn Construction Company, Inc. hereby grants the recipient of this solicitation permission to fax a bid, quote, proposal or other responses to this solicitation back to M.B. Kahn Construction Company, Inc.

Contact Glen Newton gnewton@mbkahn.com with any questions

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