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Overland, Pacific & Cutler LLC
is seeking qualified DBEss

Project Name

Buck Avenue over Alamo Creek and Aldridge Road over Putah South Canal Bridge Replacement Projects

Bid/Contract #


Awarding Agency

City of Vacaville

Project Location

Vacaville, Solano County, CA

Bid Date

11/14/2018 at 02:00

Project Details

OPC is seeking DBE subconsultants that can provide acquisition and appraisal services. The City of Vacaville Public Works Department is requesting proposals from qualified firms to contract as Turnkey Consultant to the City of Vacaville on a time-basis method per the Caltrans Local Assistance Procedures Manual (LAPM) to perform all Right-of-Way (R/W) functions necessary to obtain R/W clearance from Caltrans for the Buck Avenue over Alamo Creek and Aldridge Road over Putah South
Canal (also referred to as Buck Ave Bridge and Aldridge Rd Bridge, respectively,) bridge replacement
projects in the City of Vacaville.

OPC is a right of way services firm that provides real estate services to public agencies. We routinely partner with subconsultants that provide additional services and are an equal opportunity employer.

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