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BRCO Constructors, Inc.
is seeking qualified DVBEss

Project Name


Bid/Contract #


Awarding Agency

Newcastle Elementary School District

Project Location

Newcastle, Placer County, CA

Bid Date

11/20/2018 at 02:00

Project Details

The Scope of Work includes but is not limited to: General site and landscaping, site utility adjustments, playground improvements, sidewalks along the buildings for accessibility, and replacement of site stairs with new stair and ramp. Demolition of canopies, construction of new canopies, exterior paint, adjustments to existing accessible parking and new basketball court standards and striping.

It is anticipated that construction will start on or about June 10, 2019. The Work must be completed by August 7, 2019. See the Lease-Leaseback Agreement and other Contract Documents for additional details.

Each bid must conform to the requirements of the Drawings and Project Manual, and other documents comprising the Bid Documents.

Copies of the RFP and the drawings and specifications for the Project may be obtained from: www.e-arc.com/ca/sacramento, click on the Order from PlanWell link, then click the "Go" button next to the public plan room and search for the project.

Plans/Specs/Addenda can also be obtained by visiting the Golden State Plan Service Builders Exchange https://gsplanservice.com/opr/

If assistance is needed in obtaining bid documents please contact our office.

Hopefully you can get us covered, they are anxious to make this happen.

Please fax your quotes to us at (916) 253-9377.

We look forward to receiving your bids!

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