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Ferreira Construction Co., Inc.
is seeking qualified SBEss

Project Name

Bridge Deck Reconstruction and Misc. Structural Improvements Structure Nos. N0.28A, N0.75, N2.01W, N2.01 and N2.01E, Milepost N0.00 to N6.00

Bid/Contract #


Awarding Agency

NJ Turnpike Authority

Project Location

Various, Essex and Hudson County, NJ

Bid Date

12/11/2018 at 11:00

Project Details

The principal items of work include:

Reinforcement Steel, Galvanized
Concrete in Deck, HPC
Removal of Existing Concrete Deck
Concrete In Parapet, HPC
Concrete In Median Barrier, HPC
Deck Joints
Shear Connectors
Repainting Steelwork
Decommissioning of Lane Control System
Structural Steel Repair and Retrofit
Electrical Items
Substructure Repairs
Maintenance and Protection of Traffic

Work items Ferreira is looking to subcontract:
 Asphalt paving
 Progress Photos
 Bridge Demolition
 Bridge Painting
 Reinforcing steel installers (lumpers)
 Concrete Parapets, approach slabs
 Saw cutting
 Electrical
 Scheduling
 Highway Electric
 Structural Steel installers
 Survey
 Office Supplies
 Traffic Striping

Ferreira Construction Co., Inc. is soliciting bid proposals from qualified SBE Subcontractors certified with the Department of the Treasury Division of Revenue

25% SBE Goal

To obtain plans and specifications please visit our FTP site at:

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