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Haidi Daaifi

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15614 S. Atlantic Avenue
compton, CA 90221


(310) 669-8949


(310) 693-5343

Alfaro Communications Construction,Inc.
is seeking qualified DVBEs, SBEss

Project Name

Construction on State Highway in Los Angeles County in Los Angeles at North Hollywood Way undercrossing OFF-Ramp

Bid/Contract #

Caltrans (07-4T9804)

Awarding Agency

Department of Transportation

Project Location

Hollywood, Los Angeles County, CA

Bid Date

12/11/2018 at 02:00

Project Details

This Project with Department of Transportation ,with 5% DVBE
The general scope of this project is to Install Traffic Signal , Lighting System,Sign and Striping.
ACCI is seeking quotes from a qualified Subcontractors and suppliers for the following trades:
Lead Compliance Plan,Construction Area Signs,Traffic,Control System, Type II Barricade,Channelizer (Surface Mounted),Job Site Management,Water Pollution Program,Temporary Concrete Washout,Remove Yellow Thermoplastic Traffic Stripe,Remove Yellow Thermoplastic Pavement Marking,Treated Wood Waste,Roadway Excavation,Lean Concrete Base ,Base Bond Breaker,Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement,Detectable Warning Surface,Minor Concrete,Remove Concrete,Pre/Post Construction Surveys,Signal and Lighting,Remove Pavement Marker,Remove Delineator,Pavement Marker,Remove Roadside Sign,Striping,Paint Traffic Stripe,Remove Thermoplastic Traffic Stripe,Remove Thermoplastic Pavement Marking,Mobilization

ACCI is an equal opportunity employer . We do not discriminate against any qualified contractors,subcontractors or suppliers.
To obtain the Bid package you can send your request to :
Haidi: haidi.acci@gmail.com. or you can call her on Tel: 310-669-8949.
Plans & Specifications are Available in the following address:
ACCI will provide any assistance for the required Firm (if requested ) with the Bonds & Insurances.
The Firm must Posses and maintain a current contractor license. The firm must be registered with Department of Industrial Relations and should have a Current DIR No.
Please send us Your Quote ASAP and Per the Bid Item.

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