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Outreach Coordinator

Christine Kalikatzaros

Project Estimator

Emanouel Frangos

Contact Information

777 North Meridian Road
Youngstown, OH 44509


(917) 577-9617


(330) 755-1847

Liberty Maintenance, Inc
is seeking qualified UDBEs

Project Name

Pioneer Memorial Bridge, Bridge Painting, Stage 1

Bid/Contract #

Contract 9366

Awarding Agency

Washington DOT

Project Location

Kennewick & Pasco, Franklin & Benton County, WA

Bid Date

01/30/2019 at 11:00

Project Details

Contractor seeking UDBE participation for ALL contract bid items, including and not limited to the following:
Cleaning & Painting Bridge
Cleaning, Sealing & Caulking Pack Rust
Work Platform Installation/Demob
Testing & Disposal of Containment Waste
Replace Vacant/Damaged Rivet w/ High Strength Bolt
ESC Lead
Erosion Water Pollution Control
Project Temporary Traffic Control
Construction Signs, Class A
Type B Progress Schedule
Roadside Cleanup
Lead Awareness Training
Lead Air Monitoring
Employee Personal Air Monitoring
Removing & Reinstalling Utility Strap

Project Docs can be accessed via the following link:

http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/biz/contaa/Contracts/default.htmrnrnPerformance Bond is required Insurance per WSDOT spec is required.

All UDBE subs are required to perform a Commercially Useful Function.

Liberty Maintenance is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Union affiliated.

Please EMAIL ALL QUOTES to below contacts. ( faxes are not received timely)

Email items of interest as soon as possible.

Technical Questions:
Emanouel Frangos (917) 709- 0742,
email: ejfrangos@libertymaintenanceinc.com.
General Questions Christine Kalikatzaros (917) 577-9617
email: ck@libertymaintenanceinc.com

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