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JMB Construction INC
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Project Name

San Francisco Westside Recycled Water Pump Station and Reservoir

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Project Location

San Francisco, San Francisco County, CA

Bid Date

02/14/2019 at 02:00

Project Details

The objective of the project to construct a new underground 840,000-gallon reinforced concrete reservoir and above-ground pump station within Golden Gate Park, adjacent to the existing GGP Central Pump Station site. The new recycled water pump station will include four (4) 100 horsepower pumps (3 duty + 1 standby), two (2) 8,500-gallon hydropneumatic tanks, associated pipeline, valves, ventilation, and electrical and instrumentation & controls systems. Seeking quotes for the following items: Excavation, Structural Concrete, Trucking, Traffic Control, Reinforcing Steel, Electrical & Instrumentation, Painting & Coating, Paving, Waterproofing, Structural Steel, Landscaping & Roofing. Furnishing of Pipe, Aggregates & Concrete

Plans & Specs are available for review in our office or A DVD version of the bidding documents, plans, and specifications, and available project information is available by mail or at 525 Golden Gate Avenue, 1st Floor, Customer Service Desk, San Francisco, CA 94102 for a nonrefundable $10.00 fee paid by check payable to "SFPUC." Hard copy versions of the plans and specifications are only available by mail or by appointment for pick up for an additional fee of $240.00. Performance & Payment Bonds may be required. Please contact our office for assistance with bonding, insurance and lines of credit. JMB Construction INC 132 South Maple Avenue, South San Francisco, CA 94080. Phone: (650) 267 5300 Fax: (650) 267 5302 An Equal Opportunity Employer

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