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Vadesha Persaud

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254 36th Street, B336 Unit 55
Brooklyn, NY 11232


(718) 370-1233


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Minhas Construction Corp
is seeking qualified DBEss

Project Name

East New York Bus Depot (25 Jamaica Ave, Brooklyn, NY)

Bid/Contract #

Contract C-40269

Awarding Agency


Project Location

Jamaica, Queen s County, NY

Bid Date

03/21/2019 at 14:00

Project Details

We are seeking quotes for the following items: 1. Fiberglass Panel for Splash Walls (2 walls by 80LF each, Heiht is about 20'-0") 2. Alluminium Windows (furnish only) 3. Hardware Cost (furnish only) 4. Pavement Marking (Furnish and Install) 5. Toilet Accessories (furnish only) 6. High pressure Chassis Washer 7. Vertiical half scissors Platform Bus Lifts 8. Provide new 8'x7'8"x17' rack system 9. Furnish and Install Chain Link Fencing and gates, metal pravicy panel partition 10. Signage 11. Plumbing and Mechanical work 12. Asbestos Abatement Work 13. Removal Lead 14. F & I new hand rail at Radio Room 15. F&I New Acces Ladder at repair roomrn16. F & I new hand rail at Comm Room 17. F&I New Acces Ladder at Comm room 18. Furnish (only ) bollards 19. Provide end plate 20. Provide Structural Support for Exhaust fan 21. Furnish and Install Structural beam and metal decking at radio room rnrnrn

Please contact us for any information pertaining to this project.

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