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Zandra Massari

Project Estimator


Contact Information

1195 Third St
Napa, CA 94559


(707) 253-4351


(707) 253-4627

Napa Co Public Works
is seeking qualified DBEss

Project Name

Ridgecrest Drive MPM0.4 2017 Storm Damage Repair

Bid/Contract #

RDS 18-22

Awarding Agency

Napa County

Project Location

Napa, Napa County, CA

Bid Date

03/21/2019 at 1:30

Project Details

The site is located at MPM 0.40 (near 116 Ridgecrest Drive, Napa CA). The 2017 storm events have caused a lateral movement of the slope and subsequent damage has affected 200 to 250 feet of paved roadway surface with varying amounts of horizontal and vertical displacement. The proposed repair to the slide is approximately 200' long concrete grade beam wall supported with concrete CIDH (cast in place drilled hole) piles. The grade beam depth is 4'. The piles depth is approximately 31'. There are approximately 214 linear feet of roadway payment rehabilitation (grinding and re-surfacing) and 173 lineal feet of roadway payment re-construction (removing old asphalt and replacing with new asphalt). The Engineer's Estimate is $800,000.

The bidders bond is required when submitting a sealed Proposal. The Performance Bond and the Labor and Material Bonds are required once the bid has been awarded as well as the Insurance.

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