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Elizabeth Heinz

Project Estimator

Brandon Fults

Contact Information

915 Dalton Lane
Austin, TX 78742


(512) 389-1005


(512) 389-1000

PGC General Contractors LLC
is seeking qualified DBEs, MBEs, WBEss

Project Name

Walnut Creek WWTP Secondary Process Improvements - REBID

Bid/Contract #


Awarding Agency

City of Austin Capital Contracting Office

Project Location

Austin, Travis County, TX

Bid Date

04/18/2019 at 10:00

Project Details

Handrails;Paving & Stepping Blocks;Underground Cables and Wires;Lighting Fixtures, Outdoor;Metal Items(Boxes, Chassis);Temp Fencing;Metal Casework;Steel, Fab Beams,etc; Steel Reinforcing Bars/Rods;Pipe, Ductile Iron;PVC Pipe; Stainless Steel Pipe;Plumbing Pressure Gauges;Submersible Pumps;ReadyMix Concrete; Sod/Grass;Top Soil/Fill Dirt;Caution Signs;Const Ident Signs;Site Work;Shoring/Reinforcement Services;W/WT Const;Demo Srvs;Excavation Srvs;Const Mgmt;Curb/Gutter Const;Pipeline Const;Sidewalk/Driveway Const;Driveway Concrete/Portland Cement Concrete;Agg Base Course; Bituminous Base Course;Const of Manholes;Concrete;Electrical;Heating,(HVAC);Metal Work; Painting;Plumbing;Trench & Backfill;Erosion Control;Lndscp:Design,Fert,Plant,Tree& Plant Protect;Sec Srvs/Traffic Control

PGC General Contractors, LLC is soliciting Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises participation for the mentioned City of Austin Project. Plans are available at the Austin area plan rooms, our office, and the locations indicated in the invitation for bids. Please contact our office for any questions or for a link to the project. This project requires monthly certified payroll reports from all subcontractors. Quotes must be received no later than Wednesday, April 17th, 2019 by 12:00 pm. Thank you for your consideration.

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