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Skanska USA Civil West California District Inc.
is seeking qualified DBEs, SBEss

Project Name

LYNNWOOD LINK EXTENSION | L300 NE 200th to Lynnwood Transit Center

Bid/Contract #

CN 0010-16C - Various Bid Packages

Awarding Agency

Sound Transit

Project Location

Lynnwood, Snohomish County, WA

Bid Date

04/05/2019 at 02:00

Project Details

Skanska has been shortlisted for the Lynnwood Link Extension - L300 Project, located in Washington State. This project extends light rail into Snohomish County, serving four stations, Shoreline South/145th, Shoreline North/185th, Mountlake Terrace and Lynnwood City Center.

Bid Package No. 6 - Drainage - CN 0010-16C BP 06
Bid Package No. 7 - Potholing - CN 0010-16C BP 07
Bid Package No. 8 - Site Structures - CN 0010-16C BP 08
Bid Package No. 12 - Joint Seals - CN 0010-16C BP 12
Bid Package No. 20 - Overhead Storm Drain - CN 0010-16C BP 20
Bid Package No. 24 - Detention Vaults - CN 0010-16C BP 24
Bid Package No. 34 - Architectural Work - Stations and Garage - CN 0010-16C BP 34
Bid Package No. 35 - Concrete Barrier - CN 0010-16C BP 35
Bid Package No. 39 - Noise Walls and Acoustical Panels - CN 0010-16C BP

Skanska is interested in soliciting in Good Faith all vendors and subcontractors as well as certified DBE/SBE suppliers and subcontractors for the following requested scopes of work below but not limited to the following: Drainage Pipe, Readymix Concrete, Aggregates, Precast Girders, Heavy Hauling, Concrete Forming Systems, Rolled Steel Beams, Support of Excavation/Shoring Material, Miscellaneous Metals, Precast Drainage Vaults, MSE Wall Systems, Architectural Formliner, Dimensional Lumber/Timber, CIDH Piles, Trucking, Roads, Sewer, Watermain, Electrical Supplies Services, Energy Products Services/ Management, Bridges Elevated Highways, Tunnels, Subways, Railroads, Environmental Urban Planning, Construction Project Manager, Building Projects, Renovation, Demolition Projects, Roofing Supplies Services, Heating, Plumbing, Mechanical Supplies Services, Construction Materials Equipment, Computer Hardware, Telecom Equipment Supplies and services, Security Services Supplies, Fuel Products Services, Signage, General Supplies, Computer Software, Passenger Vehicles, Heavy Equipment/ Vehicles, Industrial Vehicles, Equipment,

Skanska is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is requesting quotes from all qualified subcontractors and suppliers. Skanska will assist qualified subcontractors, vendors, & suppliers in obtaining bonding, lines of credit, insurance, necessary equipment, materials and/or supplies. If you are a DBE/SBE Company, please provide your certification letter with your proposal. If you are a non-DBE/SBE, please indicate all lower-tier participation on your quotation as it will be evaluated with your price. In order to assist DBE/SBE subcontractors and suppliers, we will divide total requirements into smaller packages, tasks or quantities & establish delivery & construction schedules which will permit maximum participation when feasible. Subcontracting Requirements: Skanska's insurance requirements are Commercial General Liability (GL): $1M ea. occ., $1M personal injury, $2M products & completed operations agg. & general agg.; $1M Auto Liability; $5M Excess/Umbrella and $1M Workers Comp. Endorsements and waivers required are the Additional Insured End., Primary Wording End., & a Waiver of Subrogation (GL & WC). Other insurance requirements may be necessary per scope or RFP requirement. Subcontractors may be required to furnish performance & payment bonds in the full amount of their subcontract by an admitted surety & subject to approval by Skanska will pay bond premium up to 1%. Quotations must be valid for the same duration as specified by the Owner for contract award. Conditions or exceptions in Subcontractor's quote are expressly rejected unless accepted in writing. Skanska is signatory to the Operating Engineers, Laborers, Cement Masons, & Carpenters Unions. Subcontractors must provide weekly, one original and one copy of all certified payrolls, including non-performance and fringe benefit statements if required by law or by the Prime Contract. This project is subject to American Iron and Steel Requirement.

Plans & Specs can be accessed thru Building Connected per the following link:

Email for quotes: bids.socal@skanska.com

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