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RTA Construction Inc
is seeking qualified DBEss

Project Name

Lewiston CSD Wastewater Collection, Treatment, and Disposal Project Schedule B - Collection

Bid/Contract #

CWSRF Project No. C-06-8048-210 Schedule B

Awarding Agency

Lewiston Community Services District

Project Location

Lewiston, Trinity County, CA

Bid Date

05/08/2019 at 3:00

Project Details

RTA Construction, Inc. is seeking certified DBE subcontractors and vendors to provide services and materials for the following project: Separate sealed Bids for the construction of the Wastewater Collection, Treatment, and Disposal Project Schedule B - Collection. The project will be located in Lewiston, Ca.

Schedule B includes construction of 9,800 Ft. of 8-inch, 4,200 Ft. of 6-inch, and 140 Ft. of 4-inch sewer mains; 7,900 Ft. of 4-inch laterals; 5,100 Ft. of 3-inch and 4-inch force main in a common trench; 1,700 Ft. of 4-inch force main; 179 lateral connections; 34 manholes; 12 rod holes; 262,000 Sq. Ft. of micro-surfacing; demolition of lift stations 1 and 2, and miscellaneous appurtenances complete.

Separate sealed Bids for the construction of the Wastewater Collection, Treatment, and Disposal
Project Schedule B - Collection will be received by Lewiston Community Services District (LCSD) at the office of PACE Engineering, Inc. 1730 South Street, Redding, CA 96001 until 3:00 p.m. local time on May 8, 2019, at which time the Bids will be publicly opened and read. Engineer's Construction Cost Estimate is $6,500,000 to $7,500,000.

This project is funded in part by the State Revolving Fund (SRF), and as such a labor compliance program (LCP) in accordance to California Labor Compliance Code Section 1771.8 must be adopted and enforced. Additionally, SRF requires payment of federal prevailing wages, specifically, Davis-Bacon Act wage rules apply to all assistance agreements made in whole or in part with SRF funds.

DBE subcontractors and vendors must provide current certification. All subcontractors must have a current contractor's license, current California DIR Registration, insurance coverage, and worker's compensation for the entire duration of the contract. All subcontractors will be required to enter a subcontractor agreement with RTA Construction, Inc.. Project plans and specifications can be viewed at RTAC's office location. We are an equal opportunity employer, RTA Construction, Inc. will work cooperatively with all interested subcontractors and vendors. Interested subcontractors and vendors are encouraged to contact us at RTA Construction Inc., 9614 Tanqueray Court, Redding, CA 96003, Phone: 530-223-1100, Fax 530-223-6320.

We are an equal opportunity employer. The plans and specs are available for your review at our office. Bonds will not be required from qualified subcontractors.

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