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Mark Benzinger

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Eureka, CA 95502


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Mercer-Fraser Company
is seeking qualified DBEss

Project Name

Stanford Drive Storm Damage

Bid/Contract #


Awarding Agency

County of Humboldt

Project Location

Eureka, Humboldt County, CA

Bid Date

04/16/2019 at 02:00

Project Details

Traffic Control System
Construction Area Signs
Portable Changeable Message Sign
Job Site Management
Prepare Water Pollution Control Plan
Temporary Silt Fence
Temporary Creek Diversion System
Contractor-Supplied Biologist (LS)
Remove Culvert
Clearing and Grubbing (LS)
Roadway Excavation
Channel Excavation
Structure Excavation (Culvert)
Structure Backfill
Fiber Rolls
Class 2 Aggregate Base
Hot Mix Asphalt (Type A, 1/2")
Place Hot Mix Asphalt Dike (Type A)
72" Reinforced Concrete Pipe (7" Thick)
12" Alternative Material Downdrain
Rock Slope Protection (1/2 TON, Method A)
Remove Replace Water Line

Mercer Fraser Company will work with interested subcontractors to identify opportunities to break down items into economically feasible packages. Mercer-Fraser Company is a union signatory contractor. Subcontractors must possess a current contractor's license, worker's compensation and insurance coverage during the entire length of the prime contract. 100% Performance and Payment Bonds may be required. Conditions or exceptions in Subcontractor's quote are expressly rejected unless accepted in writing. All Subcontractors will be required to sign our standard Subcontract Agreement. Plans and specifications are available for viewing at our office or you may call Mercer-Fraser Company for further assistance. Please call if assistance is needed in obtaining bonding, insurance, equipment, materials and supplies. Mercer-Fraser Company intends to work cooperatively with all qualified firms seeking work on this project. We are an equal opportunity employer and will consider all bids that may be submitted.

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