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Kristin Joseph

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Jim Maczko/David Rogers/Fred Rushton

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2145 East Belt Street
San Diego, CA 92113


(619) 233-0178


(619) 233-3706

is seeking qualified MBEs, WBEs, DVBEs, SBEs, Other Business Enterprises (OBEs), Local Business Enterprises (LBEs)s

Project Name

Jersey Island Road Bridge Repair

Bid/Contract #


Awarding Agency

Contra Costa County (Public Works Department)

Project Location

Oakley, Contra Costa County, CA

Bid Date

04/16/2019 at 02:00

Project Details

The scope of this project generally consists of replacing the deteriorated and missing portions of the longitudinal and transverse timber cross bracing members, cleaning and painting existing steel piers and installing reinforced fiberglass jacketing on timber piles at Jersey Island Road Bridge in the Oakley area. R.E. Staite Engineering, Inc. is requesting subquotes from all qualified subcontractors, especially MBE's, WBE's, OBE's, SBE's, LBE's and DVBE's for the following items: Demolition and Disposal, Sawcut and Removal of Existing Asphalt Concrete, including handwork to preserve existing reinforcement; Hydroseeding; Lead Compliance Program; Traffic Control Plan including Signage; Cast In Place Concrete; Cleaning / Treating/Repainting of Existing Structural Steel; Rust Removal/Treatment of Steel Surfaces (Corrosion Inhibitor); Expansion Joint Resealing; Temporary Chain Link Fence; Trucking (Equipment Hauling); Diving; Rebar; Reinforced Fiberglass Pile Jacketing; Treated Lumber/Timber; Rapid Set Concrete; Heavy structural timber/ACZA Preservative Treated; Hardware; Erosion & Sediment Controls; and Miscellaneous Metals. This is a Public Works project and DIR registration is required for all subcontractors.

RES is signatory to the Operating Engineers and the Divers, Carpenters, Bridge, Wharf and Dock Builders and is an equal opportunity employer. The plans and specs are available for your review at our office at 1175 Nimitz Avenue, Suite 120, Mare Island, Vallejo, or can be sent via e-mail upon request. Plans and Specifications are also available via our Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gf6n9b4cwh1lqr7/AABKLUESZOVrdYLfi49jo9Aua?dl=0
Insurance must match the Specifications and bonds may be required. In particular, please note the requirement for Longshoremen and Harbor Workers Insurance if working over the water. Referrals for assistance with bonding and insurance or assistance with obtaining necessary equipment, supplies, materials or related assistance or services can be arranged for MBE's, WBE's, OBE's, SBE's, LBE's and DVBE's upon request.

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