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Ferreira Construction Co., Inc.
is seeking qualified SBEss

Project Name

Sign Structure Replacement Contract 2016-1

Bid/Contract #


Awarding Agency

New Jersey Department of Transportation

Project Location

Newark/Linden/Springfield, Essex/Union County, NJ

Bid Date

06/20/2019 at 10:00

Project Details

Sign Structure Replacement Contract 2016-1, Contract No. SWI153330, Various Routes, City of Newark, City of Linden, Township of Springfield, Essex and Union Counties; 100% State, UPC No: 153330, PE No: 2206109, CE No: 2206665, DP No: 19132.

13% SBE Goal

The principal items of work consist of:

4,500 LF Construction Barrier Curb
1,920 LF 9"x14" Concrete Vertical Curb
320 LF 15"x51" F Shape Concrete Barrier Curb
9,251 LF Beam Guide Rail
6,564 SF Guide Sign Panel, Type GO

895 LF Drilled Shaft for Sign Structure Foundation
1 U Cantilever Sign Support Structure
14 U Overhead Sign Support Structures

Ferreira Construction Co., Inc. is soliciting bid proposals from qualified SBE Subcontractors certified
with the State of New Jersey Treasury & Revenue Department under the following codes:

Asphalt - 00050
Concrete Curb and Driveway - 00310
Concrete Median Barrier - 00250
Electrical - 00420
Guide rail - 00652
Pavement Markings - 01020/01021
Rebar Install - 01260
Traffic Control - 01810

To obtain plans and specifications and to check for addenda, please use the following link:


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