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Jean Sicard

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O.C. Jones & Sons, Inc.
is seeking qualified DBEss

Project Name

Replace weigh-in-motion system and add a lane into truck scales Hwy 80 Sacramento and Citrus Heights

Bid/Contract #

Caltrans #03-0H5304

Awarding Agency


Project Location

Sacramento and Citrus Heights, Sacramento County, CA

Bid Date

08/27/2019 at 02:00

Project Details

We are soliciting quotes for (including but not limited to):
Trucking, Temporary and Permanent Erosion Control, Lead Compliance Plan,
Construction Area Signs, Traffic Control System, Portable Changeable Message
Sign, Water Pollution Control Program, Temp. Hydraulic Mulch, Sweeping,
Treated Wood Waste, Clearing & Grubbing, Roadway Excavation (Type Z-2
Aerially Deposited Lead), Imported Borrow, Irrigation, Tack Coat, Jointed
Plain Concrete Pavement, CIDH Concrete Pile, Structural Concrete, Sign
Structure, Misc. Iron & Steel, Pavement Marker, Midwest Guardrail System,
Vegetation Control (Minor Concrete), Striping & Marking, Modify Existing
Electrical System, Weigh Station Message Sign, and Construction Materials

An Equal Opportunity Employer

100% Performance & Payment Bonds may be required. Worker's Compensation
Waiver of Subrogation required. Please call OCJ for assistance with bonding,
insurance, necessary equipment, material and/or supplies. OCJ is willing
to breakout any portion of work to encourage DBE Participation. Plans &
Specs are available for viewing at our office or through the Caltrans Website at www.dot.ca.gov/hq/esc/oe/weekly_ads/index.php.

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