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Colleens Connors-Casenta

Project Estimator

Christina Riena

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Schiavone Construction Co. LLC
is seeking qualified MBEs, WBEss

Project Name

Benjamin Franklin Bridge Rehab of Suspension Spans & Anchorages

Bid/Contract #


Awarding Agency

Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA)

Project Location

Camden & Philadelphia, Camden County, NJ

Bid Date

11/14/2019 at 14:00

Project Details

Duration: 48 Months
Minority Goal: MBE 10%, WBE 5%

The work for this project includes replace cable band bolts, paint cable bands, tower saddle housings, stanchions and hand ropes, shroud collars at anchorage cable bents, and splay castings. Wrap main cables with elastomeric wrap and seal cable bands. Construct buffer chamber. Install dehumidification system and piping. Furnish monitoring and control system and integrate with existing SCADA system. Furnish acoustic monitoring system for the main cables. Rehabilitate North and South walkways. Concrete Repairs. Steel repairs, railings, and deck joints. Cathodic protection. Steel repairs and painting on bridge. Bridge drainage & decorative lighting.

This project has Confidential Documents. The Confidential Documents are shown in the Plans as BOLD in the Index of Drawings for each volume. If you need access to the Confidential Documents please download the instructions and forms in the folder marked "Forms to be completed for Confidential Documents". TWIC certification is required for access to the Confidential Documents.

The following documents are required and are available to view and download in the plan room:

1. Executed Schiavone signed Non-Disclosure Agreement
2. DRPA-PATCO Handbook
3. Form Exhibit A
4. Form Exhibit B
5. Please provide a copy of your TWIC card along with your Exhibit A and B form

Plans, Specifications, Addendum, and Boiler Plate Templates of our Subcontract/Purchase Order ("Agreement") are available on SmartBidNet.com, your firm will be required to execute IF AWARDED the contract. You must base your bid upon the contractual terms and conditions as they are reflected in the Agreement, without amendment. The upstream contractual environment on the Project is demanding and we will not entertain revision to the contractual boilerplate, which should instead be reflected in your bid price. Any questions or concerns please email Colleen Connors-Casenta at cconnors@schiavone.net.

All proposals must include: Bid Item Numbers; Addenda's AND a copy of your EMR along with your proposal.

Please upload Proposals and Scopes to SmartBidNet.com at least three (3) days prior to the bid date. Also, e-mail your Proposals and Scopes to Estimating - Christina Riena (criena@schiavone.net) and Purchasing (cconnors@schiavone.net)

Please send current DRPA and PANYNJ MBE/WBE certification, EMR, Reference, Current & Past Projects.
Sign & Return the required forms listed above to: Anne Alejo (aalejo@schiavone.net)

Please provide a price proposal to Furnish/Install or Supply your scope or supply of work including but not limited to work and jobsite delivery; all in accordance with and conforming to the project contract documents and additional requirements necessary to complete the work as specified herein. The referenced work scope shall also be performed to comply with the requirements of the project schedule, Milestones, including work staging and phasing, work restrictions and constraints, site access conditions and be coordinated with all other aspects of the project.

Please advise what work you are coded for along with description.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation

Questions or concerns may be addressed via email to cconnors@schiavone.net.

Schiavone is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Contractor.

Your participation is greatly encouraged and appreciated.

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