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Kiewit Infrastructure Co
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Project Name

Raritan River Bridge Contract 1

Bid/Contract #


Awarding Agency


Project Location

Perth Amboy & South Amboy, Middlesex County, NJ

Bid Date

01/03/2020 at 04:00

Project Details

Laboratory Testing
Maintenance and Protection of Traffic
Onsite Reuse of Excavated Soils as Construction Fill
Offsite Disposal of Excavated Soil Contaminated-Hazardous
Demolition-Essay Tower Building
Demolition-Overhead Contact Systems Poles and Foundations-Partial Staging Demolition
Demolition-Partial Demolition of Existing Fender System
Excavation Support Systems
Permanent Sheeting
Soil Erosion and Sediment Control
Embarkment and Surcharge
Column Support Embankment
Riprap Stone Protection
Instrumentation and Monitoring
Jacking and Boring
Dynamic Pile Testing
24 Inch Diameter, 0.50 Inch Thick Concrete Filled Steel Pipe Piles
24 Inch Diameter, 0.75 Inch Thick Concrete Filled Steel Pipe Piles
1'-6" Diameter Drilled Shaft Foundations-Equipment Platforms
2'-0" Diameter Drilled Shaft Foundations-Equipment Platforms
8'-0" Diameter Drilled Trial Shaft
8'-0" Diameter Drilled Demonstration Shaft Foundations
Bi-Directional Load Test
8'-0" Diameter Drilled Production Shaft Foundations
Shaft Inspection Device (Mini-SID)
Sonic Caliper Profiling
Thermal Integrity Profiling
Crosshole Tomography
Concrete Coring
High-Strain Dynamic Load Test
Vibration Monitoring
Railroad Grade Crossings
Ballast Matt
Underground Electrical Ductbanks
Underground Ducts and Handholes
Storm Drainage System
Crushed Stone Surface Course
Flexible Pavements
Curbs and Gutters
Concrete Sidewalk
Chain Link Fence & Gates
Soldier Pile & Concrete Panel Wall
Caution Fence
Asbestos Abatement
Lead Paint Management
Beam Guide Rail
Topsoil Fertilizing and Seeding, 4 inchs Thick
Concrete Reinforcement
Cast-in Place Concrete
Structural Steel-Approach Spans
Structural Steel-Approach Span Deck Plates
Structural Steel- Miscellaneous
Elastomeric Bearings
Metal Stairs
Metal Railings
Steel Grating
Bridge Deck Waterproofing
Painting of Structural Steel
Interlocking Lighting System
60Hz System Transformers
100Hz Transformers
Insulated Wire and Cable
Medium Voltage Cable
Overhead Transmission System Relocation
Overhead Contact System ac" Catenary Foundations and Anchors
Overhead Contact System ac" Support Structures and Small Parts Steel
Transmission Monopole Structure-1E
Transmission Monopole Structure - 1W
Transmission Monopole Structure 2E
Transmission Monopole Structure- 2W
Overhead Contact System- Fittings and Hardware
Signal Power Distribution
Prefabricated Remote Terminal Unit Houses
Communications Infrastructure
Control Panel Equipment
SCADA Cabinet Equipment

Drawings & Specifications
Contract documents, including plans & specifications can be viewed and downloaded at: https://secure.smartinsight.co/#/PublicBidProject/481214

The Bidder will be required to quote in compliance with all project plans and specifications. Non-Disclosure Agreements are provided when applicable. Addenda is posted and a notification is sent to all invited bidders.

Insurance Requirements
Upon award, Subcontractors must provide insurance in accordance with our subcontract agreement. A copy of the subcontractor agreement can be found in SmartBidNet Project Plan Room.

Bonding Requirements
For subcontracts the Bidder shall furnish Performance and Payment Bonds equal to the full subcontract price. For Material Contracts, the Bidder shall furnish Supply Bonds in amount equal to full Material Contract price. Bond premiums are reimbursable by Kiewit/Mass. Electric Construction Co. Please provide current bond rate with Quote/Proposal or advise if you are unable to bond so that we my address this issue.

Submission of Proposals & Quotes
Proposals & Quotes from Contractors & Suppliers must be submitted on or prior to bid due date listed above. You can submit your quote three (3) ways:

1) Upload your proposal to SmartBidNet.com,
2) E-mail your quote/proposal to Project Estimator
Listed or procurementwcl@kiewit.com
3) Fax your quote/proposal to our Estimating Dept.
at(201) 571-2600

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