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Burdick Excavating Co, Inc.
is seeking qualified DBEss

Project Name

I-580 Multi-Use Path

Bid/Contract #

PWP #CC-2020-046

Awarding Agency

Carson City Purchasing & Contracts

Project Location

Carson city, Carson city County, NV

Bid Date

12/03/2019 at 11:00

Project Details

Burdick Excavating is accepting quotes for all labor, materials, tools and equipment necessary for the construction of approximately 4,151 feet of a multi-use path located in Carson City, NV

Quotes are needed for the following items of work, including but not limited to: AC Paving; Construction Signage; Fencing; Striping; Temp BMP's; Surveying; SWPPP Preparation; Traffic Control.

We will require that all participating companies possess a current contractor's license, carry Workers Compensation & Liability Insurance.

All DBE Subcontractors and Suppliers must submit all certifications of DBE with quotes to qualify for project.

See specifications for exact insurance requirements and verbiage. Bid documents may be downloaded from the Carson City website: http://www.carson.org/bids

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