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Alten Construction, Inc.
is seeking qualified DVBEss

Project Name

Marina Middle School Bond Modernization

Bid/Contract #


Awarding Agency

San Francisco Unified School District

Project Location

San Francisco, San Francisco County, CA

Bid Date

12/17/2019 at 02:00

Project Details

Est. $16M
Location: 3500 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA

SCOPE: General school modernization and reconstruction including ADA compliance, fire/life/safety upgrades, infrastructure upgrades, fire protection in Building B, complete renovation of existing kitchen and serving spaces in Building D, and hazardous material/asbestos/lead remediation. Also includes site improvements and existing interim housing removal.

PLA & Prevailing Wage Required / 5% Retention / See 00 72 00 General Conditions Article 11 for Insurance Requirements / RFI Deadline is TBD / MEP&FS Subs MUST be Prequalified to Bid / See 00 73 00 Special Conditions for Milestone Dates & Scope of Work - 599 CD duration / Site Visits on 11/20 @ 3:30PM & 12/3 @ 8:30 AM (non-mand. for subs) / 2 Year Warranty

Subcontractors must be registered with the DIR to bid on this project https://www.dir.ca.gov/dlse/dlsePublicWorks.html
It is now State of CA law to provide CSLB license #'s & DIR #'s on sub lists - make sure to have them on your bid scope!
Alten Construction may implement a CCIP (Contractor Controlled Insurance Program) on this or any Project
Subcontractors & Suppliers are required to comply with Alten's standard subcontract(s) which can be found on our website www.altenconstruction.com

TRADES NEEDED (but not limited to): HazMat Abatement; Demo; Earthwork; Storm Drainage; H20 Syst.; Paving & Surfacing; Pavement Markings; Fences & Gates; Site Concrete; Rebar; CIP Concrete; Structural Steel; Metal Fab/Railings/Gratings; Rough & Finish Carpentry; Cabinets; FRP; Insulation; Metal Spandrel Panels; Roof Repair & Maint.; TPO Membrane Roofing; Sheet Metal Flashing & Trim; Firestopping; Joint Sealants; Misc. Doors, Frames & Hdwr; Access Doors & Frames; Coiling Counter Grilles; Storefronts; Skylights; Windows; Glass & Glazing; Window Films; Moisture Vapor Emission Control; Non-Structural Metal Framing; Gyp. Plaster; Gyp. Board; Ceramic Tile; Acoustical Ceilings; Linoleum / Epoxy Mosaic Comp. / Urethane Cement Comp. Flooring; Painting / Staining / Finishing; Visual Display Units; Signage; Toilet Access. & Compartments; Corner Guards, Flagpoles; Loading Dock Bumpers; Food Service Equip.; AV Equip. Supports; Flammable Storage Cabinets; Ext. Athletic Equip.; Ext. Basketball Equip.; Roller Window Shades; Fire Sprinklers; Plumbing; HVAC; Integrated Automation; Electrical; Communications; Electronic Safety & Security.

Plans & Specifications are available for review and take-off in our office. Email bids@altenconstruction.com to request download access from Procore. In order for bids to be considered, they must be received at our office by mail, phone or fax one (1) hour prior to bid closing time. PREVAILING WAGE RATES, INSURANCE FORM CG2010 11/85 (EQUIVALENT IS CG2010 0704 & CG203 COMBINED) & WEEKLY CERTIFIED PAYROLL REPORTS ARE REQUIRED. 100% PERFORMANCE & PAYMENT BONDS MAY BE REQUIRED. ALTEN CONSTRUCTION, INC. WILL PAY UP TO 1.5% OF BOND PREMIUM. WE ARE AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER.

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