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Ford Construction Company, Inc.
is seeking qualified DBEss

Project Name

Calaveras 2017 Winter Storm Recovery Blagen Road Repair Project

Bid/Contract #


Awarding Agency

Calaveras County Department of Public Works

Project Location

White Pines, Calaveras County, CA

Bid Date

01/29/2020 at 03:30

Project Details

Traffic Control System, Prepare water pollution control program, temporary fiber roll, temporary creek diversion systems, temporary high visibility fence, removing tree, hydroseed, willow stakes, hot mix asphalt (type A), structural concrete headwall, bar reinforcing steel (headwall), bridge removal, remove road sign, Midwest guardrail system, cable railing, alternative in-line terminal system, 6" two-component paint traffic stripe, construction staking

Plans and specifications for this project are available for viewing at Ford's office by appointment, and /or at the Calaveras County Department of Public Works, www.publicpurchase.com, and / or through Ford's ShareFile site (contact for to receive link to site and bid documents). Please submit quotes via email to: est@ford-construction.com Please include current DBE certification, and subcontractors need to include DIR and contractor's license number.

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