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Midstate Construction Corp.
is seeking qualified MBEs, WBEss

Project Name

Twin Rivers Blocks B & E

Bid/Contract #


Awarding Agency

McCormack Baron Salazar

Project Location

Sacramento, Sacramento County, CA

Bid Date

02/03/2020 at 14:00

Project Details


Bids due February 3, 2020 at 2:00 pm.

This is a Prevailing Wage Project HUD and SHRA are involved so both Davis-Bacon and California State Prevailing Wages (whichever is the higher of the two) are required.

Section 3 and MBE/WBE requirements Please list any qualifying certifications on your bid. Section 3 would be for local employment opportunities for lower income Sacramento residents.

The last time everyone saw this project the Block E drawings were at the Design Development stage. Those drawings have now been fully developed and are at the Construction Documents stage.

Blocks B and E are comprised of nine new buildings (6 at Block B, 3 at Block E). The drawings are grouped into their respective BLOCKS (B & E). There are a total of 123 apartment units in Blocks B & E (66 @ Block B, 57 @ Block E)

We request that every bidder submit TWO NUMBERS. One bid for Block B and another for Block E.

The buildings are a mix of apartments and townhouse-style units. Trades invited to bid include the following:

Earthwork, Utilities, Paving, Erosion Control, Landscaping, Structural & Site Concrete, Gypsum Underlayment, CMU Masonry, Dry-Stack Retaining Walls, Metal Fabrications, Awnings, Aluminum Sunshades, Rough Carpentry, Fiber Cement Siding & Trim, Interior Finish Carpentry, Casework & Countertops, Waterproofing, Insulation, Metal Wall Panels, Batten Seam Roofing, PVC Membrane Roofing, Metal Roof, Joint Sealants, HM Doors & Frames, Wood Doors, Glazed Window Walls, Vinyl Windows & Doors, Frameless Mirrors, Operable Partitions, Overhead Doors, Drywall, Stucco, Tile, Acoustic Ceilings, Flooring, Wall Coverings, FRP, Paint, Signage, Wall Protection, Toilet Compartments & Accessories, Tub & Shower Enclosures, Postal Specialties, Fire Extinguishers & Cabinets, Residential Appliances, Elevator, Bike Racks, Window Treatments, Plumbing, Fire Sprinklers, HVAC & Sheet Metal, and Electrical.

Bob Alton, Project Estimator
707-559-2319 boba@midstateconstruction.com
Fax No. 707-762-0700

We are an equal opportunity employer. The plans and specs are available for your review at our office and online at: https://secure.smartinsight.co/#/PublicBidProject/489930. Bonds will not be required from qualified subcontractors. Bids may be faxed or emailed in PDF format to: bidroom@midstateconstruction.com.

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