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Diane Kaisersatt

Project Estimator

Ben Nicholson

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3291 Terminal Drive
St Paul, MN 55121


(651) 452-6100


(651) 452-0598

TMI Coatings, INC
is seeking qualified U-WMBE/SLBE Combined (EBO Programs)s

Project Name

Remote Storage Tank Improvements - Interbay

Bid/Contract #

Project# 20-C-00005

Awarding Agency

City of Tampa

Project Location

Tampa, Hillsborough County, FL

Bid Date

01/21/2020 at 1:30

Project Details

Proposed work includes, but not limited to, furnishing and installing material and equipment to prepare and recoat interior and exterior surfaces of an above ground 5,000,000 gallon welded steel potable water storage tank; remove and replace existing manually operated altitude control valve with electrically actuated sleeve control valve; install misc. isolation valve and piping improvements. http://www.tampagov.net/contactadministration/programs/construction-project-bidding
For specifications and drawings see link above. Contact Ben Nicholson at 651-452-6100 or bnicholson@tmicoatings.com for additional information.

No bonding requirements
Plans and specs: http://tampagov.net/contractadministration/programs/construction-project-bidding

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