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Selena Blake

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POB 219
Colliersville, NY 13808


(607) 433-2100


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Jett Industries Inc
is seeking qualified MBEs, WBEss

Project Name

Reconstruction of 235th St Pumping Station

Bid/Contract #


Awarding Agency


Project Location

Bronx, Bronx County, NY

Bid Date

02/26/2020 at 11:30

Project Details

Jett Industries, Inc. is actively soliciting quotations for PS-313 Reconstruction of 235th St Pumping Station Bronx, NY. This contract has a goal of 20% participation from MBE and WBE Businesses. This Project is bound by a PLA. The project bids on February 26, 2020. Please provide your detailed scope of work and Final Quote by 12:00 on February 24, 2020

The following general description of Work under this Contract only and shall not be construed as a complete description of the Work to Be Performed. Principal items of work as follows:

Structural Work: Demolition and removal of existing above grade structure and slab, construct new building, construct new steel beam hoist rails with hoists and cranes, conduct repairs at numerous locations in existing dry and wet wells, enlarge existing 10-inch dia. wet well openings.

Civil Work: Site Improvements within the existing fence line, installation of new site yard piping, installation of stormwater management system, delineation of construction/staging laydown area, roadway resurfacing and restoration, site restoration and landscaping, new sidewalk, concrete driveway, curbing guardrail, fence, gate, and retaining walls.

Architectural Work: Demolish and remove existing above grade structure and building, construct new facility
Process Mechanical Work: maintain pump station operations, replace existing pumps, install manual trash rack, influent isolation gate, new influent stop logs, replace process piping , valving, sump pumps, install and operate new ductile iron pipe force main, install and operate interim pump station, decommission IPS, install Godwin pump

Building Mechanical Work: Provide ventilation and heating
Plumbing and Fire Protection Work: install restroom, hose bibs, floor drains, install water service connection, backflow prevention system

Electrical and Instrumentation Work: upgrade electrical, utility service, replace electrical switchgear, install permanent diesel backup generator, interim pump station instrumentation and controls design, proposed pump station instrumentation and controls, interface with citywide collection facilities integrated SCADA System

We are an equal opportunity employer. The plans and specs are available for your review in our SmartBid Net Dedicated Plan Room. Please contact Selena Blake at 607-433-2100 or selena.blake@kiewit.com to be invited to the plan room.

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