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Wickman Development and Construction
is seeking qualified DVBEss

Project Name

Marina Middle School Soil Improvements

Bid/Contract #

SFUSD Project Number: 11739

Awarding Agency

San Francisco Unified School District

Project Location

San Francisco, San Francisco County, CA

Bid Date

02/25/2020 at 02:00

Project Details

Wickman Development and Construction is seeking 3% participation from DVBE Subcontractors and Suppliers for Marina Middle School Soil Improvements Project located at 3500 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, California. Wickman Development and Construction is signatory to the Carpenter's and Laborer's Unions of Northern California Master Agreement. All sub-contractors who intend to bid scopes of work to Wickman Development and Construction that fall under the Master Agreement of these unions must also be signatory to these unions or we cannot list them for that portion of work. Plans available at San Francisco Builders Exchange or can be send via email if requested. Bid due to Wickman Development and Construction by 02/25/2020 at 10:00 AM (Always 4 hours prior to bid

The Project is generally described as:
Contractor shall provide labor and materials for complete soil improvements to Marina Middle School as described in bid document. Soils have been partially improved at the site and contractor is expected to provide all labor and materials in base bid meet the performance criteria defined in the bid documents. Soil improvement work will include, but not limited to; subgrade permeation and compaction grouting for soil stabilization below Buildings C and D. No compaction grouting shall be performed at the interior of the buildings. The scope of work is outlined in provided Geotechnical Report and Geotechnical Report Addendum #1 by Langan Engineering and Environmental Services as well as DSA approved construction documents by Bartos Architecture. This job is to be completed prior to September 30, 2020.
The estimated construction value of the work is: $2,500,000.00.

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