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Flatiron-Drill Tech, A Joint Venture
is seeking qualified DBEs, MBEs, WBEs, DVBEs, SBEs, San Francisco LBEss

Project Name

REBID-SFPUC Mountain Tunnel Improvements Project

Bid/Contract #


Awarding Agency

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC)

Project Location

near Groveland, CA, Mariposa County, CA

Bid Date

08/27/2020 at 14:00

Project Details

The REBID of SFPUC Mountain Tunnel Improvements, Contract No. HH-1000R for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC). Flatiron-Drill Tech, A Joint Venture ("FDTJV") is soliciting quotes for the following scopes of work, but not limited to: Divisions 02 through 48 of the Technical Specifications or: Demo, Clear & Grub, Erosion Control, Grading/Excavation, AC Paving, Micro Piles, Rebar, Shotcrete, Soil Nail Walls, Erect Steel Structures, Building Subcontractor, Painting & Coatings, Waterproofing, Fencing/Gates, Electrical & Instrumentation Controls, Minor Concrete, Building Masonry, Welding, Concrete Pumping, Misc. Metals (including: Stairs & Ladders, Metal Grating, Pipe & Tube Railings), Iron & Structural Steel, Trucking, Ready Mix, Dewatering & Water Treatment, Underground Utilities, Survey, Quality Control Testing, Aggregates Supply (including: Gabion Rock & Rip Rap), Gabion Baskets, Large Diameter Steel Pipe including: 72", 107" and PVC Pipe, Misc. Mechanical Valves (including: Gate, Butterfly, Check & Double Disc Knife Gate Valves), Sump Pumps, Sheet Metal Roofing, Steel Roof Decking, HVAC & Ducts, Vault/Access Doors/Frames, Louvers/Vents, Hoists & Cranes, Signage, Misc. Construction Materials, SWPPP (plan/materials), Geotextile materials and Sloping.

The "LBE" participation requirement is 3% (CMD and San Francisco Certified LBEs ONLY). The FDTJV requests that all Non-LBE/DBE/WBE/MBE/SBE/DVBE/SBRA/LSAF Subs and Suppliers consider utilizing certified firms for 2nd Tier Participation as part of their quotes to assist us in achieving the project goals. Please indicate any lower-tier firm participation on your quote. This project also has Fair Share Objective Goals of 1.4% MBE, 0.6% WBE & 1.0% OBE.

**USEPA SRF funding forms are required from Subs and Suppliers firms prior to Bid**

Information regarding the plans and specifications is available through the SFPUC website at http://contracts.sfwater.org Quotes must be valid for same duration as specified by Owner for contract award. Quotes will be broken down into comparable packages as reasonably necessary to facilitate participation. FDTJV intends to work cooperatively with all firms for scopes of work you are licensed and qualified to perform. Scopes of work can be split to facilitate participation from certified firms. Assistance referrals in obtaining bonding, lines of credit, insurance, equipment, supplies and materials is available upon request.

Subcontractors are required to possess and maintain a current contractor's license and must also be registered with the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) as required by Public Contract Code Section 1725.5. Subcontractors will be required to execute Standard Subcontract and meet insurance requirements. A copy of our Standard Subcontract Terms and Conditions is available for review in electronic format upon request.

Bond Requirements: Notwithstanding any contrary language in a bid to we or any prior course of dealing between FDTJV and a bidder, and unless waived in writing by FDTJV. The FDTJV reserves the right to require each bidder to provide payment and performance bonds assuring bidder's obligations to the FDTJV in the amount of 100% of the bid to FDTJV. The FDTJV will reimburse the bond premium cost up to, and not to exceed 2%. The surety on the bonds must be a California admitted surety.

All previously provided project bid documents are still valid including all 8 previous Addendums. Addendum 9R was issued as the Notice of REBID for this project. A CD version of the project plans and specs is available for purchase from the SFPUC for $10 upon completion of an SFPUC Confidentiality Agreement. ALL purchasers will be required to complete a SFPUC Confidentiality Agreement prior to receiving the CD or Hard Copy docs ($300). Please contact the SFPUC at 415-551-4603 or download the form from the SFPUC website.

Please email all quotes to NorCalBids@flatironcorp.com or to our BID FAX at 707-746-1603.

Flatiron-Drill Tech, A Joint Venture
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