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Kiewit Infrastructure Co/Mass Electric Construction Company
is seeking qualified MBEs, WBEs, SDVOBss

Project Name

LIRR Wreck Lead Bridge Mechanical

Bid/Contract #


Awarding Agency


Project Location

Long Beach, Nassau County, NY

Bid Date

06/17/2020 at 14:00

Project Details

LIRR requires the services of a contractor to provide construction services for the Project. The scope of the work of this Project primarily consists of, but is not limited to, the following:
A. Remove Closed span looks, lock bar operator and mount, span lock actuators, receiver, bolts,etc.
B. Remove Open span locks, lock bar operator and mount, span lock actuators, receiver, bolts, etc.
C. Replace north and south closed span lock assemblies including the actuator, actuator cover, actuator support as well as guides, lock bars, housings, shoes, machinery supports, receivers and mounts.
D. Furnish and install new fully seated limit switch and the limit switch mountings.
E. Replace north and south open span lock assemblies including the receiver, go limit switch target, go limit switch mounting bracket, the actuator, actuator trunnion mounts, actuator support as well as guides, lock bars, housings, shoes, machinery supports, receivers and mounts.
F. Furnish and install new centering device assembly including new centering device receiver and new centering guide.
G. Adjust existing centering guide and live load shoe to provide 1/8" clearance with span after new centering device is installed. Drill and ream for 1" diameter bolts.
H. Rebalance bridge (Remove existing balance material from toe and/or provide ballast material in counterweight as need to offset new lock machinery weight and receiver).
I. Adjust counterweight balance per balance specifications.
J. Testing & Commissioning of Wreck Lead Bridge.

XBE FORMS Required:
Proposers Current Affirmative Action Policy
Schedule IV - EEO-1 Form, Workforce Composition
Appendix A, Minority and Women - Owned Business Enterprises Program and Service - Disabled Veteran - Owned Business, Submission Requirements ( Request for Proposals),
Form 15A. 4 intent to perform as a Subcontractor/ Subconsultant

Insurance Requirement:
USL&H Insurance shall be included in bids

Drawings & Specifications
Contract documents, including plans & specifications can be viewed and downloaded at:

The Bidder will be required to quote in compliance with all project plans and specifications. Non-Disclosure Agreements are provided when applicable. Addendum is posted and notification is sent to all invited bidders.

Insurance Requirements
Upon award, Subcontractors must provide insurance in accordance with our subcontract agreement. A copy of the subcontractor agreement can be found in SmartBidNet Project Plan Room.

Bonding Requirements
For subcontracts the Bidder shall furnish Performance and Payment Bonds equal to the full subcontract price. For Material Contracts, the bidder shall furnish Supply Bonds in amount equal to full Material Contract price. Bond premiums are reimbursable by Kiewit/Mass. Electric Construction Co.
Please provide current bond rate with Quote/Proposal or advise if you are unable to bond so that we may address this issue.

Submission of Proposals & Quotes
Proposals & Quotes from Contractors & Suppliers must be submitted on or prior to bid due date listed above. You can submit your quote three (3) ways:

1) Upload your proposal to SmartBidNet.com,
2) E-mail your quote/ proposal to Project Estimator Listed or procurementwcl@kiewit.com
3) Fax your quote/proposal to our Estimating, Dept.at
(201) 571-2600

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