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Alten Construction, Inc.
is seeking qualified DVBEss

Project Name

Murray Elementary School Modernization Phase 1, Increments 1 & 2

Bid/Contract #


Awarding Agency

Dublin Unified School District

Project Location

Dublin, Alameda County, CA

Bid Date

07/16/2020 at 14:00

Project Details

SCOPE OF WORK: Increment 1 - New Modular Bldgs. & Finish Site Work Consisting of Construction of Foundations for 5 Modular Bldgs. (A, B, C, D & F); Construction of Finished Pads for 2 Portable Bldgs. EDCC-1 & EDCC-2, Manufacture & Install 4 new 1-story custom Modular Classroom Bldgs. by AMS (A, B, C & D); Manuf. & Install 1 new, 1-story pre-checked Modular Kinder Bldg. by AMS (Bldg. F), Install of 1 new stockpiled Relocatable Classroom Bldg. - EDCC-2 by Enviroplex; Relocate 1 (E) Relocatable Bldg. - EDCC-1 on same site; Connect Electrical, Low Voltage, & Plumbing to new points of connections; Install of finished grades & Paving, Utility connections to all Modular & Portable Bldgs., Landscaping, New parking, Drop-off Lane Extension, Fire Lane, & Accessible Paths of Travel associated with this work.

Increment 2 - Site Grading & Utilities consisting of partial site demo, rough grading, sub-grade prep, and constr. of Bldg. & Finished Pads for Modular & Relocatable Bldgs., Install of UG Utilities to Points of Connections for Modular Bldgs. A, B, C, D & F Portable Classroom Bldgs. EDCC-1 & 2, Future Bldgs. L & M; Demo or Salvage (E) Portables S1, S2, PR, and P1 to P6.

NO PLA, but Prevailing Wage Required / 5% Retention / See General Conditions Article 11 for Insurance Requirements / RFI Deadline is 6/24/20 by 5PM / MEP+FS SUBS MUST already be approved on PQ Bids or submit Prequalification/Registration to PQ Bids for Dublin USD by 7/4/20 https://www.dublin.k12.ca.us/Page/11926 / 337 cal. day duration Project Start is Mid. August 2020, Complete by 7/15/21 / There are Milestones Deadlines in the Agreement & on the Phasing Diagrams - separate from Plans

TRADES NEEDED (but not limited to): Demolition; Earthwork; Water System; Sanitary Sewer System; Storm Drain Utilities; Asphalt Paving; Concrete Paving; Interlocking Precast Concrete Unit Paving; Crushed Stone Surfacing; Pavement Markings; Tactile Warning Surfacing; Planting & Irrigation; Turf Planting; Site Concrete; Metal Railings; Signage; Toilet Accessories; Electrical; Communications; and Electronic Safety & Security.

Plans & Specifications are available for review and take-off in our office. Email bids@altenconstruction.com to request download access from Procore. In order for bids to be considered, they must be received at our office by mail, phone or fax one (1) hour prior to bid closing time. PREVAILING WAGE RATES, INSURANCE FORM CG2010 11/85 (EQUIVALENT IS CG2010 0704 & CG203 COMBINED) & WEEKLY CERTIFIED PAYROLL REPORTS ARE REQUIRED. 100% PERFORMANCE & PAYMENT BONDS MAY BE REQUIRED. ALTEN CONSTRUCTION, INC. WILL PAY UP TO 1.5% OF BOND PREMIUM. WE ARE AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER.

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