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Herminia Gilbon

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Layne Christensen Company
is seeking qualified DBEss

Project Name


Bid/Contract #


Awarding Agency

Chino Basin Desalter Authority

Project Location

Ontario, San Bernardino County, CA

Bid Date

08/17/2020 at 01:00

Project Details

Layne Christensen Company is seeking certified
subcontractors and suppliers for bulk diesel fuel delivery,
dump truck service, fence rental, portable restrooms, welding
services, and traffic control. Submit quotes by 10:00 AM on
bid date. Your bid must also include the cost of insurance and
bonds (if required). Layne Christensen Company shall be
named as additional insured for complete insurance
requirements and documents contact our office prior to
submitting your bid. Layne Christensen Company may require
Payment & Performance Bonds on all sub-contracts over
$25,000 per CA. Public Contract Code Sect. 4108.

Mr. Gary Grace (562) 755-0445 or gary.grace@gcinc.com is the Project Manager for this
project and is available to provide you with assistance to clarify any questions regarding the scope
of work, including interpretation of plans, specifications and requirements. Ms. Herminia Gilbon (909
390.2833) or herminia.gilbon@gcinc.com may also assist in bid preparation and obtaining bonds,
insurance, or any necessary equipment, supplies, materials or related services..
Layne Christensen Company encourages the use of small business subcontractors and suppliers
and considers such to be an important aspect of the project. Requirements: By submitting a
proposal, the bidder affirms that they have carefully examined ALL the bidding documents/Addenda
and that from his/her own investigation, they have satisfied themselves as to the nature and location
of the work. A copy is available for inspection and/or can be provided upon written request prior to
bid submission. Inconsistent bid terms and conditions shall be void. Layne Christensen Company
requires all subcontractors to sign an agreement between Layne Christensen Company and the
subcontractor prior to commencement of work. We are an equal opportunity employer. The plans and specs are available for your review at our office.

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