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Saint Mary's County Metropolitan Commission
is seeking qualified MBEs, WBEss

Project Name

St. Clement Shores Water System Replacement, Phase 2

Bid/Contract #


Awarding Agency

Saint Mary's County Metropolitan Commission

Project Location

Leonardtown, Saint Mary's County, MD

Bid Date

08/25/2020 at 02:00

Project Details

The St. Mary's County Metropolitan Commission is currently soliciting for bids on the replacement of the St. Clement Shores Water System, Phase 2. The water system within the St. Clement Shores subdivision was originally constructed in the 1950s and requires replacement. The project will include the replacement of approximately 10,400 linear feet of water line with a new water system comprised of 12-inch, 8-inch, 6-inch and 4-inch water mains. Increased depth of pipe burial, ample isolation valves, sixteen (16) fire hydrants, appurtenances and associated restoration are also included in the design to provide a more reliable system.

This project is fully funded by the Maryland Water Quality and Drinking Water Funding Programs; therefore Davis Bacon Act, MBE/WBE and American Iron and Steel requirements must be met. Bidders must perform and document their performance of all affirmative steps required by the Maryland Department of the Environment Minority and Women's Business Enterprise program to be considered for the Contract. Bidders are encouraged to break down the work into smaller segments and tasks in order to increase minority subcontractor participation. Documentation must be included in the proposal package and submitted on the date provided herein. Failure to provide documentation with the bid package could result in the bid being declared non-responsive.

A Pre-Bid teleconference will be held on the date and time shown below. Instructions on how to participate in the teleconference to answer any questions concerning the Bid Documents are provided in the attachments section contained herein. Site visits will generally be permitted by the potential bidders after the Pre-Bid teleconference. All potential bidders are encouraged to include a site visit; however, visitors will be required to follow all Governor's Orders and CDC guidelines regarding social distancing. Any contractor who wishes to visit the site for the purpose of evaluation as part of their bid/proposal must schedule a site visit with the Project Manager (information to be provided in the Pre-Bid teleconference.

One original and one copy of all bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope bearing the company name, legal address, the project title for which the bid is submitted and the date advertised for opening bids. Sealed bids must be addressed to Tanya Parker, Procurement Agent, and clearly marked "SEALED BID for ITB BID NUMBER: 21-01-C, ST. CLEMENT SHORES WATER SYSTEM REPLACEMENT, PHASE 2, PROJECT #2151WL" and received at the Commission's Administrative Office until the date and time shown below. At that time the bids will be publicly opened and read.

Date Time (Eastern Standard Time)

Pre-Bid Meeting (teleconference): July 28, 2020 10:00 AM

Bid Due Date: August 25, 2020 2:00 PM

Bid packages are available for distribution on the Maryland Department of General Services website located at https://emma.maryland.gov Inquiries concerning Contract Documents should be directed to purchasing@metcom.org.

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