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Peter Martin

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is seeking qualified (CDBE) Columbia Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, (LBE) City of Columbia Local Business Enterprises

Project Name

Sanitary Sewer Pipe Rehabilitation REBID

Bid/Contract #

BID003-20-21 CE

Awarding Agency

City of Columbia

Project Location

Columbia, Richland County, SC

Bid Date

08/12/2020 at 11:00

Project Details

Scope: Work includes approx 75,000 LF of 8" sewer by CIPP (cured in place pipe); 2,000 LF of 8" PVC sewer by open cut; 200 LF of 8" HDPE by pipe bursting; 10 LF of 6" PVC point repair; 5 LF of 8" DI point repair; 2,000 LF sewer service lateral cured in place liner; 100 EA sewer service lateral cleanout install.

Work Types: By-Pass Pumping, Clean and CCTV Sewer Pipe, Concrete & Masonry, Pipe - Ductile Iron, Excavation & Grading, Pipe - HDPE/MDPE & Other Polyethylene, Lateral Rehab, Manhole Installation, Pipe Bursting, Pre-Cast Concrete, Pipe - PVC, Roads and Paving, Sanitary Sewer, Pipe & Manhole Cleaning, Service Connections, Sewer, Signage & Signalization, Pipe & Manhole Televising & Inspection, Pipe Rehab, Vacuum & Air Excavating / Pumping

We are an equal opportunity employer, offer quick pay agreements and intend to negotiate with qualified Subcontractors for project participation.
Plans and specifications are available for review at our office or Digitally upon request. For assistance in obtaining bonds, lines of credit and or/insurance for this or any of the above information please contact AM-Liner East, Inc. at lwhetzel@amlinereast.com or LA Whetzel @ 540-955-9671 Ext. 109.

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