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Ferreira Construction Co., Inc.
is seeking qualified SBEss

Project Name

Pulaski Contract 8B

Bid/Contract #

DP 21101

Awarding Agency

New Jersey Department of Transportation

Project Location

Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ

Bid Date

04/06/2021 at 10:00

Project Details

Ferreira Construction Co., Inc. is seeking qualified SBE firms certified with the New Jersey Department of Treasury Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services and invites you to bid on the following contract:

Pulaski Contract 8B, Contract No. 054123300, City of Jersey City, Hudson County; 100% State, UPC No: 123300, PE No: 0704511, CE No: 0704521, DP No: 21101

Work items Ferreira is looking to potentially subcontract to SBE firms certified under the following NJ State codes:

Asphalt Paving 00050
Bridge Waterproofing 01930
Concrete, Bridge, Sidewalk 00310
Electrical 00420
Fence 00530
Guide Rail 00652
Landscaping 00800
Painting, Bridge 00970
Scheduling 02070
Striping 01020/01021
Structural Steel, Bridge Repairs 01620
Survey 92586
Traffic Control 01810

9% SBE Goal

Subcontractors please note:
Must have a Business Registration
Must have a Public Works License
Must provide a copy of your SBE Certification

You may be required to fill out NJDOT SBE forms based on the type of work (subcontractor/ suppler/trucking)

$100-200 Million Estimated Overall Project Range

To obtain plans and specifications please go to attached link:


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