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Rhode Island adopts statewide veteran business contracting program
Published on 08/01/2017

Rhode Island is the latest among a growing number of states to establish a veteran-owned small business (VOSB) program aimed at giving veterans a leg up when it comes to bidding on state contracts.

Under legislation signed by the governor in early July, the state will make efforts to award at least 3 percent of all state contracts to VOSBs annually. While the law doesn't describe how the state will meet this goal, it does task the Department of Administration with crafting a VOSB certification and contract compliance program.

"Rhode Islanders are very appreciative of veterans," said State Senator Marc A. Cote, one of the lawmakers to introduce the measure. "I'm sure our citizens will be proud that the state contracts that their tax dollars fund will have the additional benefit of supporting veterans under this bill. One of the best ways our state can thank veterans for the sacrifices they made for our country is to help ensure they are employed after they are discharged. A veterans' preference in state contracts is a way we can leverage the state's buying power to do just that and help veteran-owned businesses succeed."

To read the legislation establishing Rhode Island's new VOSB program, visit https://legiscan.com/RI/bill/S0085/2017

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