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California DGS to make adjustments to DVBE certification program
Published on 03/21/2018

California's Department of General Services (DGS) is holding a hearing on April 30th to allow the public to comment on proposed rule changes and draft legislation regarding the certification process for disabled veteran-owned businesses (DVBEs).

According to the DGS, those who are familiar with the DVBE program as it currently exists "will find the vast majority of proposed adjustments unremarkable or minor in scope, as prevailing practices and requirements are being deliberately retained substantively unchanged." Rather, the adjustments being made are administrative in nature, relating to correcting inaccuracies or obsolete elements, and to bring clarity and consistency to the certification regulations.

The changes include reduction in unnecessary repetition of references to a court ruling, Monterey Mechanical v. Wilson; making explicit the DGS's responsibility to perform DVBE rulemaking; making clear where references to the DGS should more specifically refer to the Office of Small Business and Disabled Veterans (OSDS) within the DGS; and numerous stylistic changes (such as replacement of written for symbolic numbers, tense and syntax changes, and the like) that are not aimed at materially altering the regulations.

It is anticipated that the changes to the procedures would result in promotion of the DVBE certification requirements to a wider audience and reduce "subjective stakeholder interpretations" of DVBE certification requirements.

For more information, visit https://www.documents.dgs.ca.gov/pd/delegations/BroadcastBulletins/2018/pac031618_E-03-18.pdf

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