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Multnomah County approves assistance for certified DBEs, MWBEs
Published on 03/23/2018

On March 15th, the Multnomah County Board approved the Construction Diversity and Equity Fund, which is designed to provide various forms of assistance and benefits for the support of disadvantaged businesses (DBEs) and minority- and woman-owned businesses (MWBEs).

The fund will be paid for by drawing 1 percent from county remodeling projects with budgets over $200,00 and new construction projects with budgets over $1 million. The fund is expected to increase equity in the recent surge of projects undertaken by Multnomah County, representing $750 million in contract dollars over the last several years for various municipal construction projects.

While the funds will support pre-apprenticeship program and various workforce programs that will aim at diversifying those working in construction trades, other portions of the funds will be used to provide mentoring, technical assistance, and other more business-development-oriented forms of support to DBEs and MWBEs that are certified to do work in Multnomah County.

Eligible companies will be able to take advantage of the Construction Diversity and Equity Fund starting on July 1, 2018.

Further information about DBE or MWBE certification and the Multnomah County's partnership with the state of Oregon's Certification Office for Business Inclusion & Diversity may be found at https://multco.us/purchasing/supplier-diversity-program.

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