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City of Dayton to further study MWBE utilization
Published on 11/15/2018

The City of Dayton most recently conducted disparity studies on the utilization of minority- and woman-owned businesses (MWBEs) in 2008 and 1991, and it is set to conduct another such examination of MWBE purchases by the city from the period of 2013 to 2016. The city will take study's conclusions into account when readjusting its Procurement Enhance Plan, the rules that establish how the city seeks to spur greater MWBE utilization.

In addition to conducting market analysis on the utilization and capacity of MWBEs and larger non-MWBE primes, the study is set to examine the City of Dayton's contracting procedures and regulations and make recommendations on the concrete prevention of discrimination, should such discrimination be indicated by the study. The recommendations will feed into a series of goals to be set by the city to be executed over the subsequent five years.

The City of Dayton has already conducted a number of public meetings and forums on the topic of the upcoming study during 2018. With feedback gained from these events, the city hopes to gain insight into how to structure the study and what topics to investigate. Among other new developments, it is speculated that changing demographics in the Dayton area may result in new disparities and problematic areas that were not found or discussed in prior disparity studies.

It is projected that the study will be delivered in February 2019, though this is not yet a firm date.

For more information about the City of Dayton's MWBE disparity study, visit daytondisparitystudy.com. All City of Dayton business owners, whether certified or not, are encouraged to provide information regarding their experiences doing business (or attempting to do business) with the City of Dayton. While various community meetings have already taken place, a comment form on the disparity study website remains open to input from the public.

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