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City of Greensboro proposes MWBE program revisions
Published on 02/11/2019

The City of Greensboro is mulling changes to its MWBE contracting inclusion procedures, in order to increase MWBE participation in city contracting. These moves come after the release last year of a disparity study found that MBEs in particular were being underutilized relative to availability.

Among the proposed changes are ensuring that every city department has a specified MWBE spending target in their respective annual budgets, tasking the Minority and Women Business Enterprise Office in the city with monitoring those agencies in reaching their goals, expanding the list of ethnicities which are included in the definition of "minority contractors" (currently, certain ethnicities are not specified in that definition for some types of projects), creating a program under which certain projects costing under $50,000 could be set aside for a rotating pool of MWBEs, and adjusting current bonding requirements for performing city work.

Under such proposed changes, the construction spending target for MBEs would be raised from 8 percent to 18 percent, and the construction spending target for WBEs would be raised from 7 percent to 20 percent.

The changes are set to be voted on later in the month of February 2019.

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