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Port Authority announces opening of community, MWBE outreach offices
Published on 03/05/2019

The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (PANYNJ) has recently announced the opening of a number of community outreach offices that will act in support of ongoing PANYNJ redevelopment projects. The offices will be opened at Newark Liberty's Terminal One, JFK Airport, LaGuardia Airport, the Port Authority Bus Terminal, and other locations. 

"We are taking an unprecedented step to actively engage with those who live or work in the neighborhoods adjacent to our legacy facilities that are being or will be rebuilt," said Port Authority Executive Director Rick Cotton. "We recognize these major construction projects impact the local communities that surround these facilities and we want economic activities from our projects to yield benefits to local communities. These centers also will help facilitate an agency priority to enhance diversity and inclusion initiatives by helping to link MWBE contractors to available construction work on all of the projects."

The purpose of the offices is to provide information of various sorts to all interested stakeholders, whether those are community members, local businesses, customers, or otherwise. Information provided can include general information about the projects and how the projects will impact their surrounding areas, as well as information about opportunities to perform contract work for or gain employment on the redevelopment projects in question. 

The offices are planned to complement the newer infrastructure that is replacing legacy facilities by accounting for greater usage rates that have been observed over time. In 2018, the Port Authority's airports have seen a 3.8 percent rise in passengers over the previous year of 2017 alone. Many of the outreach offices are currently mobile, but permanent outreach offices are planned for a number of locations. The permanent LaGuardia outreach office, in particular, will seek to build on previous initiatives, under which $1.14 billion in contracting dollars has already been awarded to minority- and woman-owned businesses as part of the LaGuardia redevelopment project.

Learn more about the PANYNJ MWBE outerach offices at http://www.panynj.gov/press-room/press-item.cfm?headLine_id=3080

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