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SnL Group, Inc.
is seeking qualified DBEss

Project Name

Bechelli Lane Improvements

Bid/Contract #

B/S 5290 / Job No. 2606

Awarding Agency

City of Redding

Project Location

Redding, Shasta County, CA

Bid Date

06/14/2022 at 03:00

Project Details

We are seeking quotes from subcontractors and suppliers for, but not limited to; Traffic Control, Project Signs, Surveying, SWPPP, Biologist, Clear, Demo, and Prep Site Work; Asphalt Concrete; Base; Sand; Cold Mill; Fabric; Headwall; Asphalt Striping, Crack Sealing, and Markers; Concrete Curb, Ramp, Gutter, and Retaining Wall; Storm Drain Pipe, Materials and Appurtenances (6" to 30"); Beacon System; Fencing Temporary and Chain Link; Water Meter Boxes and Appurtenances; Landscape and Irrigation; Electrical Lighting System, Conduits, Lights, Pull Boxes and Appurtenances; Trucking & more.

Project includes ADA curb ramps, sidewalk gap, pedestrian crossings, bike lanes, landscaping, corridor lighting, microsurfacing & restriping along Bechelli Lane & Cypress Ave. per plans & specifications.

This project has a DBE Goal of 20%. SnL Group, Inc. is available to discuss breaking out any portion of work to encourage minority participation.
'Buy America' provisions are applicable with this project.

DBE subcontractors and supplies must be certified by the California Union Certification Program (https://dot.ca.gov/programs/civil-rights/dbe-search). Proof of DBE Certification must be submitted with your proposal/quote.

Quotes and Proposals must be submitted with form P11 (Equal Employment Opportunity Cert) and P22 (DBE Letter of Intent, if applicable) from the proposal document.

Plans, spec and project requirements can be viewed at our office in Redding, CA. They are also available online at https://ciplist.com/plan/?Redding/city/13032/plan/4456.

SnL Group, Inc.'s estimator can be reached at the office (530) 222-5048, and is available to provide you with any assistance to clarify any questions regarding the scope of work, including interpretation of plans, specifications and requirements, bid preparation and obtaining bonds, lines of credit, insurance and any technical assistance. SnL Group, Inc. may also assist in obtaining any necessary equipment, supplies, materials or related services.

Wage requirements are prevailing wage rates for Shasta County, set forth by the State of California, Dept. of Industrial Relations at www.dir.ca.gove/DLSR/PWD. Each subcontractor must submit proof of current and active DIR Contractor Registration when submitting a quote.

Insurance requirements: each subcontractor must submit proof of workers compensation insurance and obtain work comp throughout the completion of the project.

Requirements: by submitting a proposal/quote, the bidder affirms that they have carefully examined ALL the bidding documents/addenda and that from his/her own investigation, they have satisfied themselves as to the nature and location of the work. SnL's written subcontract documents execution is required of all successful subcontract bids.

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