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Outreach Coordinator

Jamie Lang

Contact Information

817 Main Street PO Box 128
Brownsville, WI 53006


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Michels Trenchless, Inc.
is seeking qualified MBEs, WBEs, VBEss

Project Name

Riverside Conduits Rehabiliation

Bid/Contract #


Awarding Agency

Citizens Energy Group

Project Location

Indianapolis, Marion County, IN

Bid Date

06/09/2023 at 01:00

Project Details

Michels Trenchless, Inc. is seeking MBE/WBE/VBE Diversity Certified Contractors for subcontracting opportunities for the Citizens Energy Group - Riverside Conduits Rehabilitation project. We are soliciting quotes for the following items: Traffic Control, Excavation and Civil Work, Landscape Restoration, as well as any applicable items not listed. All quotations applicable to the construction of this project will be accepted and reviewed. All MBE/WBE/VBE Diversity Certified Contractors and Suppliers should contact, in writing, our Estimator, Mike Figlio at mfiglio@michels.us with questions pertaining to this project. All negotiations must be completed prior to 6/07/23. Cost evaluation will be based on the lowest responsible quote. We are an equal opportunity employer. Please email quotes along with certification to Mike Figlio at mfiglio@michels.us and Jamie Lang at jlang@michels.us.

The plans and specifications are available for your review at - https://michelscorp.sharepoint.com/:f:/s/MPSE-RFQs/Ejia51Y2HvhFlnJTtWJbrtkBEZFeBKlsGCbriA9dJiqGQg?e=zGi1ky

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