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K. G. Walters Construction Co., Inc.
is seeking qualified DBEss

Project Name

Kirkwood Meadows PUD Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

Bid/Contract #


Awarding Agency

Kirkwood Meadows Public Utility District

Project Location

Kirkwood, El Dorado County, CA

Bid Date

06/27/2023 at 02:00

Project Details

K.G. Walters Construction is seeking qualified certified DBE subcontractors and suppliers for the Kirkwood Meadows PUD Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements. Quotes requested include but aren't limited to the following scopes of work: SWPPP, survey, hazmat abatement, dewatering, hydroseeding, cabinets, insulation, drywall systems, acoustical ceilings, flooring, painting, pre-engineered canopy, demolition, rebar, ready mix concrete, concrete accessories, metals, bolted steel tank, HVAC, electrical and instrumentation, aggregates, shoring, lumber, FRP, ID devices, chemical equipment, pumps, davit cranes, pipe, fittings and appurtenances, precast, and wastewater treatment equipment

An Equal Opportunity Employer Require 100% payment and performance bonds. Premium up to 1.5% paid by contractor

Standard payment terms are 95% progress payments, 5% retention unless other terms are provided for in prime contract. Subcontractors, suppliers and vendors shall apply the same affirmative steps for DBE participation as required in the specifications to be responsive.

This Project must comply with American Iron and Steel (AIS) requirements. AIS manufacturer’s certifications
must meet EPA provisions

Subcontractors must possess a valid contractor license and current insurance meeting K.G. Walters requirements. Subcontractors will be required to sign K.G. Walters Construction standard subcontract agreement.

Quotations must be valid for 60 days after specified award date by owner.

Plans and specifications are available at: https://order.e-arc.com/arcEOC/Pwell_Project_Main.asp?pub=23-6-12996

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