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Anvil Builders Inc.
is seeking qualified DBEss

Project Name

3W and Fixed Film Reactor Project

Bid/Contract #

CIP# 9242

Awarding Agency

Silicon Valley Clean Water

Project Location

Redwood City, San Mateo County, CA

Bid Date

10/17/2023 at 14:00

Project Details

Rehabilitation of Fixed Film Reactors (FFR)1,2 and 3 including new fiberglass siding, renewal of steel beam superstructure, replacement of plastic media, installation of distributor arm drive on FFR number 3 and installation of 6 new ventilation fans per FFR and 6 new FFR feed pumps with new suction and discharge piping. Work includes rehabilitation of FFR feed piping to each FFR using with new carbon fiber pipe lining. New 3W pumps and associated piping, new strainer and hydropneumatic tank will be connected to existing 3W system. New electrical work will include installation of new prefabricated electrical building containing switchgear, breakers and MCC that will be used to power the new FFR pumps, 3W pumps, ventilation fans, FFR 3 distributor arm drive and strainer. New power and signal conduits and cables will be installed between PDP2 and the new electrical building and between the new electrical building and the new equipment.
Seeking all trades (but not limited to): Demolition, HVAC, Electrical, Misc Metals/Structural Steel, Coating, Rebar, Concrete, Quality Control, Inspections, and other required work and trades.

Plans, specifications, and requirements can be viewed at our office or by using the link below.
Please review all documents. By submitting a proposal your company agrees to Anvil Builders Inc standard subcontract. For assistance with bonding, lines of credit, insurance, or anything else regarding bidding on this project, contact Anvil Builders via phone or email.

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