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Outreach Coordinator

Antonio Prada

Project Estimator

D-Line Estimating

Contact Information

499 Embarcadero Office 8
Oakland, CA 94606


(510) 251-6400


(510) 251-6401

D-Line Constructors, Inc.
is seeking qualified DBEss

Project Name


Bid/Contract #

P.W. NO. 08-23-19 / Federal Aid No. CML-5014(046)

Awarding Agency


Project Location

Alameda, Alameda County, CA

Bid Date

09/20/2023 at 02:00

Project Details

EE$ 4,590,000
DBE Goal = 23%
We are Seeking DBE Certified Subcontractors, Supplier, Service Provider & Truckers. Project includes, but is not limited to Furnishing all labor, tools, equipment, materials, & doing all work associated w/ removing the railroad tracks & ties, sidewalk, curb & gutter; re-striping, pavement markings, markers,& signs & post installation; cold plane & pavement overlay, sidewalk, driveway, curbs, curb & gutter, adjust utilities to grade, drainage channel, culvert, bioretention, planting, plant establishment & maintenance, traffic signals, utility locating including mob & demobilization, WPCP, traffic controls, staking & monument, debris removal, permits, clean-up & all other associated work and incidentals required to complete the project as designated in the plans.

Plans and specifications may be reviewed at our offices located at 499 Embarcadero Office 8, Oakland, CA 94606. If you are interested in receiving digital project documents, please make this request by sending an email to bids@dlineconstructors.com. Alternatively, plans are available for viewing at your local builder’s exchange. Bay Area Builder Exchange by contacting Scott Leary or Jeannie Kwan @ (510) 483-8880 or email: INFO@BAYAREABX.COM.
Project Docs are Available @ https://www.alamedaplanroom.com/ or by contacting BPX at (510) 559-8299 or at Richmond@bpxprinting.com.

Fax your bid to 510-251-6401 for D-Line Estimating or email to bids@dlineconstructors.com. If you have questions for the Estimator, call 510-251-6400. When submitting any public works bid, please include your License Number, DUNS number, Copy of DBE Certificate and DIR number, Annual Gross Receipts, Age of Firm in Years.
For questions regarding registration for DIR use the link at: www.dir.ca.gov/Public-Works/PublicWorks.html.

If you need support services and assistance in obtaining bonding, lines of credit, insurance, necessary equipment, materials and/or supplies or related assistance or services, for this project call the Estimators at 510-251-6400. D-Line is willing to break out portions of the work to increase the expectation of meeting the DBE, MBE, WBE, SBE participation goals.

At our discretion, 100% Payment and Performance Bonds may be required as a subcontract condition. D-Line is willing to pay up to 1.5% of the bond premium. D-Line is signatory to the Laborers, Operators and Carpenters Unions. D-Line is an equal opportunity employ

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