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Colich & Sons, LP
is seeking qualified SBA MBEs, SDBs, SBA SDVOBs, VOBs, WOSBss

Project Name

Water Main Replacement Project on Prairie Avenue between Hardy Street and Manchester Blvd.

Bid/Contract #

BID NO. CB-24-02

Awarding Agency

City of Inglewood, California

Project Location

Inglewood, Los Angeles County, CA

Bid Date

12/13/2023 at 11:00

Project Details

We are soliciting quotes for Water Main Replacement using the following Trades - Concrete & Masonry, Excavation & Grading, Metal Fabrication/Machining/Welding, Roads and Paving, Water Pressure Pipe, Service Connections, Water Distribution & Trans., Traffic Control Plans, Sand, Rock, Asphalt, Aggregates, Trucking, Reinforcing Steel, SWPP, Soil Hole Drilling

Scope Summary: Water Main Replacement on on Prairie Avenue between Hardy Street and Manchester Blvd. (12-inch & 24-inch DIP) per Inglewood drawing #783 and #784.

Federally funded project - "Buy-American" provision and DBE are required.

The goal of participation of Disadvantages Business Enterprise (DBE) of 3%. DBE's are defined as Minority/Women/Disadvantaged/Disabled Veteran owned Business Enterprises (MBE/SDB/SDVB,VOB,WOSB).

All Subcontractors must be licensed in the State of California at the time of bid and have a valid DIR Registration Number. Colich & Sons, LP is a Union Signatory Contractor to Operating Engineers and Southern California Laborers and thus any subcontractor must be signatory or willing to sign a project labor agreement. Subcontractors and suppliers are advised to submit their quotes by Friday December 11 Close of business, for evaluation and completion of all necessary forms to submit with our bid.

Plans, Specifications and the proposal package are available at https://pbsystem.planetbids.com/portal/45619/bo/bo-detail/111474 or at our office at no cost Monday through Friday at our office located at 547 W. 140th Street, Gardena, CA 90248. Assistance in obtaining bonds, lines of credit, insurance, equipment, supplies, materials or related services are available to all firms. Colich & Sons, LP is also willing to break any work items down into smaller categories or quantities and we can also arrange delivery schedules in order to facilitate maximum DBE/WBE/MBE/OBE/SBE business participation. Please contact Paul Majich via phone (310) 516-6346 or email (pmajich@colich.com) if you have any questions or require further assistance.

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